Southpaw vs Bivol: the round by round of the fight for the light heavyweight title from Abu Dhabi

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Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramírez will seek the second world crown in his career and a fate different from that of “Canelo” Álvarez against one of the best exponents of 175 pounds, Dmitry Bivol, who owns the crown endorsed by the World Boxing Association (WBA) and has not lost since it was awarded in May 2016

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ROUND 9 – The last third of the fight started and the Mexican was forced to risk more. Given this, he pigeonholed his rival against the ropes and managed to impose the boxing style at close range for most of the episode. Given this, the Mexican had to endure blows against in a series of nine impacts. The Zurdo took over the center, but towards the end he had to back down before the aggressiveness of his opponent.

Bivol 10 – 9 Lefty.

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ROUND 8 – The intensity of the war dropped in the episode, but it did not stop being competitive. The Mexican was able to execute a jab to Bivol's face and held on for an instant. Patience was again on Bivol's side, who at the last minute opted for long counterattack combinations that took the Mexican to the ropes. The landscape reversed a few moments later, but Spawny was unable to seize the advantage. Power to power duel.

Bivol 10 – 9 Lefty.

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ROUND 7 – Lefty he looked to change the direction of his body jab to lower his opponent's guard. At times, the Mexican recovered the process and was able to land the uppercut on Bivol's jaw, although he received an answer almost immediately with a couple of jabs to the body. Bivol's jab now rests on the abdomen of his rival in an effort not to lose influence and dominance. The assault was one of the most exciting to date.

Bivol 10 – 9 Lefty.

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ROUND 6 – The fight came midway and the Mexican felt the need to make up ground. Bivol's strategy did not change as he continued to counterattack and corner the opponent on the corners and ropes. The lack of waist game has taken its toll on the Mexican, who has been hit in the face on several occasions, so the domain has continued in charge of the current champion. In the second half, the Mexican must dare to tilt the cards in his favor.

Bivol 9 – 10 Lefty.

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ROUND 5 – Speed ​​has been an ally of the champion, so Zurdo sought to shorten the distances again with blows to the soft zones. The study and foresight absent in the first episode was present for a few seconds until Bivol was encouraged to execute accurate blows to the Mazatleco's face. Knowing the reach of his rival, the Russian kept his guard close to his face to wait for a counterattack, as Zurdo 's fists exposed his head. The Mexican was again cornered on the ropes by his opponent in the closing.

Bivol 10 – 9 Left-handed.

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ROUND 4 – The bet of the Lefty were combinations of three and four blows to Bivol's face, but the accuracy was not present. Given this, appealing to the counterattack, Bivol cornered the Mexican on the ropes where he landed a solid hook to the face. Ramirez's punching volume decreased and he handed over the reins to the defending champion. Dmitry knew how to keep his distance without exhibiting his jab and took center stage.

Bivol 9 – 10 Lefty.

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ROUND 3- Bivol has not felt so comfortable to execute his jab on the Mazatlan. And it is that the Lefty He has chosen to demonstrate his Mexican boxing style, but the Russian's technique and experience in the division led him to err in the execution of some of his offenses. The counterattack became one of the main weapons for Dmitry, who with a couple of feints to the soft zones managed to make the Mexican drop his left guard to leave himself vulnerable.

Bivol 10 – 9 left-handed.

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ROUND 2 – The Leftyhe refused to give up the center, but the Russian did the same to take the reins from him. With more caution than the previous episode, the two fighters opted for a more cerebral boxing that allowed them to connect a couple of effective combinations to the face of their opponent. The monarch's combinations were more effective, but the procedure looked more parity.

Bivol 9 – 10 Lefty.

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ROUND 1 – Dmitry Bivol sought to take the center of the ring when most of the people in the room pushed him. Barely a few seconds of study were enough, as both fighters rushed forward. The Mexican was confident and took advantage of his profile, as the Kyrgyz player has not faced a southpaw recently. The Mexican was able to land a hook that violated his opponent's face to the surprise of the public. Despite the obstacle, the champion sought to recover in the last seconds.

Bivol 10 – 9 Lefty.

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Dmitry Bivol, defending champion, was introduced to the public who made his favoritism known when the name of the native of Kyrgyzstan was heard in the local sound.