South Park to tackle Covid-19 in season 24 and it looks great

South Park tackles Covid-19 in season 24 and it's going to be awesome No big surprise, season 24 of South Park will not miss the global event of the moment: the Covid-19 epidemic. According to the first trailer, the creators of this comedy are about to press where it hurts. And yes, Cartman will obviously be on the wrong side of the story.

Medical series like Grey's Anatomy , The Resident or New Amsterdam will not be the only ones to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic when they return to television. The creators of South Park have just confirmed it, Cartman & his band will also attack this virus during the first two episodes of season 24, expected on September 30 on Comedy Central (USA).

South Park vs Covid-19

We can discover it in a first trailer, the series will once again succeed in diverting this news to offer us a result as improbable as it is crazy which should press where it hurts. As the synopsis reveals, “ The kids are happy to come back to school, but nothing looks like normal life before, not even their teachers, their classes or Eric Cartman, ” these images promise us no big deal. whatever.

Between the staging of a cynically funny “pandemic special” or the war of behavior between those who believe in the virus and others who militate for their “freedom”, the authors of South Park should once again hit hard on the human behavior. It's quite simple, if Cartman refuses to wear a mask, then you know how urgent it is to put one on!

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