Sony is preparing a grand show of the PlayStation 5

Sony is preparing a grand show of the PlayStation 5

Harsh announcements from Microsoft forced Sony to urgently hold its presentation and announce prices for PlayStation 5

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Sony is preparing a grand show of the PlayStation 5

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Despite the fact that Sony has already revealed the design of the PlayStation 5 and even a few games for it, the company has not announced the price of the game console. A competitor in the face of Microsoft took advantage of this silence, which not only announced the prices for the Xbox Series X, but also showed a cheaper version of it – the Xbox Series S, which made Sony rush to the next presentation.

This week, on September 16, at 23:00 Kyiv time, the PlayStation 5 Showcase will be presented. At this event, the Japanese company will reveal additional features of the game console, The Verge reports.

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The gaming community expects the main thing – the announcement of the price of the PlayStation 5. Analysts have assumed that Sony will put prices around $ 599 for the regular version, and $ 499 for the Digital version without a Blu-ray drive. However, the announced price list for the Xbox Series S and Series X for $ 299 and $ 499, respectively, forced the Japanese platform holder to urgently restructure their pricing strategy based on the offer of their main competitor. The PS5 is likely to be cheaper than the estimated $ 100 prices.

The PlayStation 5 Showcase may also showcase new games from Sony's gaming studio and third-party developers. It is possible that the most interesting projects will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and will not appear on the consoles of previous generations, so as not to limit the demand for the new console. In addition, Sony will probably try to port as many old games as possible to the PlayStation 5.

Sony is preparing a grand show of the PlayStation 5

Sony presentation announcement

Recall that earlier Sony opened pre-orders for the PlayStation 5, but only for the “elite”. At the same time, Sony launched the first PlayStation 5 TVs for the price of a car.

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