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Sony has shown what the PlayStation controller could look like in ten years

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May26,2024

Sony showed what the PlayStation controller could be in ten years

Sony published a video clip on its YouTube channel in which it depicted what entertainment technology could be in ten years. The creation of 3D graphics occurs with immersion in virtual space, and the game console flies over the game controller on the screen.

The video called "Sony’s Creative Entertainment Vision" shows several futuristic devices, and the company emphasizes that anything shown here is not directly related to any of Sony's existing products. The most interesting look is the PlayStation controller connected to something like flying in the air of the screen. The company does not explain how the gadget is arranged: it can be both a physical screen, which is held in the air by magnetic levitation, and a projection created by the controller.

According to Sony, «in ten years we will live in a multi-layered world, where physical and virtual reality intersect without borders». By that time, in 2034, the PlayStation 7 may be released — if the Japanese manufacturer will, of course, still produce consoles. Perhaps by then the company will go the route of hybrid consoles like the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps this controller is the entire PlayStation 7, which projects the screen anywhere the user happens to be.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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