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« It’s not Sonia the problem, launches Drainville

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The Minister of Education, Bernard Drainville, defended his colleague Sonia LeBel.


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Unlike the Liberal education spokesperson, Marwah Rizqy, Bernard Drainville believes that the President of the Treasury Board, Sonia LeBel, is still the right person to carry out negotiations with the public sector in Quebec. . At a press briefing on Tuesday, the Minister of Education was keen to defend the competence of his colleague, following the announcement of new strike days by the Union Common Front.

Earlier in the day, the official opposition demanded that the file be removed from Ms. LeBel's hands after the Common Front indicated that it would hold seven additional days of strike from December 8 to 14. The Fédération interprofessionnelle du Québec (FIQ) followed suit by announcing a walkout from December 11 to 14.

Deploring the fact that after a year of negotiations Sonia LeBel has not yet succeeded in reaching an agreement for the renewal of the collective agreements of more than 500,000 state employees, Ms. Rizqy suggested that the president of the Council of the Treasury was perhaps not the right person to achieve this.

Recall that the government is currently conducting negotiations with the unions members of the Common Front , namely the FTQ, the CSQ, the CSN, and the APTS, as well as with the FSE, the FAE, the SFPQ, the SPGQ, the FIQ, the police officers of the Sûreté du Québec and the jurists of State.

Out of 10 groups, it's zero in 10, she is not able to sign with anyone, denounced Marwah Rizqy.

The only thing she was able to sign was the agreement with the Los Angeles Kings, quipped the Liberal MP, who only sees a direct involvement of Prime Minister François Legault to resolve the impasse.

Faced with such comments, Minister Drainville firmly defended the work of his colleague Sonia LeBel in front of journalists.

Obviously! Sonia is definitely the right person. She has already conducted a good negotiation. She is in good faith, she wants to improve services to citizens… Sonia is not the problem.

A quote from Bernard Drainville, Minister of Education of Quebec

Sonia made four proposals totaling $8 billion. And until now, we have not had a serious counter-offer on the major issues of this negotiation, defended the Minister of Education.

Invited by journalists to react to this attack by the Liberal Party, Sonia LeBel did not take up the gauntlet. I have great respect for Ms. Rizqy, I will not make these kinds of comments, she simply replied.

Me, I continue with the same objective. My eagerness has been the same since the beginning. We want to find agreements as quickly as possible. We are keeping the goal of the end of the year, said Ms. LeBel. And this must involve the reorganization of work. This is an objective that is important for everyone, both for services to Quebecers and for public service employees.

We submitted extremely serious and substantial things. Why don't they come back to us with proposals that are in line with what we want for the citizen?, asked Bernard Drainville.

We want more efficient education services and health services. We want to provide better services to citizens. Why aren't the unions making proposals to us on this?

A quote from Bernard Drainville, Minister of Education

En regarding the resumption of lost school days and exams missed by schoolchildren and students, Bernard Drainville was cautious. Let's wait… I still have hope that we will come to an agreement and after that, we will see the number of days that will have been lost and we will make a decision accordingly.

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