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Murder by Sommer Boudreau: Adam Rossi found not criminally responsible

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The body of Sommer Boudreau was found in the second floor bedroom of this duplex on Rutherford Avenue in Deep River, Ontario. (Archive photo)


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Accused of the murder of Sommer Boudreau, Adam Rossi was found not criminally responsible Friday at the Renfrew County Courthouse in Pembroke, Ontario.

For defense attorney Marni Munsterman, the uncomfortable and alarming detail that emerged from the large volume of evidence was one of his recent hospitalizations that took place before the body of Sommer Boudreau, 39, was found in a duplex in Deep River on December 11, 2022.

Adam Rossi, who was later charged with second-degree murder, was hospitalized for mania stemming from his type 1 bipolar disorder. A psychiatrist considered Mr. Rossi a prescription for community treatment with long-acting injectable medications, which could have helped him since he decided to stop taking his antipsychotic pills.

For some reason, that didn't happen, the lawyer said. According to her, this is proof that our system is truly broken.

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Adam Rossi will eventually be sent to a secure provincial psychiatric facility run by the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Unit. (Archive photo)

For his part, defense lawyer James Brocking read Adam Rossi's file. He said it was a freight train toward inevitability.

On the other hand, knowing his mental state brings no comfort to the Boudreau family and it changes nothing for them, he added.

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They are still victims, and perhaps Mr. Rossi too, of a decadent system and philosophy that emphasizes the primacy of the rights of the individual over all else.

Superior Court Judge Ian Carter thanked the lawyers for stepping out of their usual roles and speaking from their hearts about what they saw in the system.

The judge and lawyers all agreed that Adam Rossi did not have the mental capacity to understand the seriousness of his actions, that is, killing Sommer Boudreau and cutting off his hand.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">Ceremonies for two Renfrew County women, killed within weeks of each other

The Dr. Neil de Laplante was the first to evaluate the man after his arrest. In his testimony, he admitted that it was one of the sickest patients he had ever seen.

His patient was violent and dangerous in prison, to the point where the doctor transgressed the ethical boundaries of his profession by ordering a prescription for antipsychotics for him, while he was mandated to evaluate him rather than treat him.

He said all the evidence was clear: Adam Rossi was experiencing manic and paranoid delusions caused by his bipolar disorder when he killed the mother of three. Considering all these facts, he recommended that his patient be not criminally responsible.

The Boudreau family, who assiduously followed all procedures, ;is expressed after the judgment through Tia, the victim's daughter.

I want to believe that the system will do what it's supposed to do, but knowing that one day you'll be walking the streets, and knowing that my mother will never do that again doesn't sit well with me, she said.

I hope you take advantage of all the help given to you and do better, she added, addressing to the Rossi family.

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Sommer Boudreau (center) with her three children: Ashley, Tyee and Tia. (File photo)

Adam Rossi will eventually be sent to a secure provincial psychiatric facility run by the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Care Unit. p>

Given the shortage of beds in Ontario, it will likely take a few months, the court was told Friday. In the meantime, he remains detained at the Ottawa Jail until he can be transferred to a secure inpatient forensic treatment unit.

He is now under the jurisdiction of the Ontario Review Board, an independent tribunal which will decide whether to keep him detained in a psychiatric facility or to release him, whether with or without conditions to be respected.< /p>

A risk assessment and sexual behavior assessment were ordered before his first appearance before the commission.

With information from Kristy Nease, of CBCNews

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