Some fans of the Argentine have asked for respect for his memory.

An image of a man in profile in the stands of an Argentine stadium recently went viral on social networks. What quickly caught people's attention was the great resemblance between that person and the late soccer player Diego Armando Maradona.

A match for the second round of the Professional Soccer League was taking place between Gimansia and Patronato when one of the the cameras broadcasting the match focused on a fan who seemed to be looking at something behind his back and had a physical build similar to that of Maradona.

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The image began to circulate immediately on social networks, where users reacted with comments such as: “Am I the only one who sees it?”, “Fua, el Diego”, “I choose to believe”, “ The Diegote!”.

A Despite the fact that many people agreed with the resemblance of the man to Maradona and some even claimed that it was the soccer player and mentioned theories that he would still be alive, others asked for respect for his memory.

“Enough, friend, let's get over this, he looks at us from above”, “Let him rest in peace, papu, it's no use profiting from him”, “If you're overweight and wear a cap during a soccer game, and it happens that they take a picture of you, congratulations, you are Diego manifesting yourself on earth”, some people wrote.

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Professional League Cup 2022

It is not the first time that they have been captured in a football stadiumphotos of people physically similar to Maradona and raise theories that cast doubt on his death. One of these cases occurred in the final of the 2022 Professional League Cup between Boca Juniors and Tigre, where a man dressed in a Boca shirt was photographed in the stands and who was shocked by his resemblance.

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Finalíssima 2022

Something similar happened during the Finalíssima that was played at Wembley, England, between Argentina and Italy. It is a photograph originally shared by the Spanish photographer Sara Arribó on her Twitter account, which quickly went viral for showing a man very similar to Maradona in the stands.

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In an interview with the Argentine newspaper La Nación, the photographer explained that she had not noticed the resemblance of the man in the stands with Maradona when he shared the photo. “When I posted it on Twitter it was already night in Barcelona and when I got up, I grabbed my cell phone and had about 5,000 notifications, I didn't understand anything. I started to see the comments and someone saw Maradona, inside I said to myself: 'But no may be', I zoomed in on the image and saw the man in the cap”.