American travelers are well aware of the State Department's recommendations for overseas travel. But the reputation of the United States is not the most positive, as some countries consider the trip here unsafe for their citizens. png” alt=”Some countries consider traveling to the United States unsafe for their citizens” />

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Australia remembers well the events associated with the tragedy in Port Arthur, where during gunfire killed 35 people. The country's authorities have introduced strict laws regarding the use of weapons, but remind their tourists that in the US, residents can take them with them to public places. Also, Canada does not recommend crossing the US-Mexico border by car, as well as avoiding trips in the border areas, so as not to become a victim of bandits or criminal gangs.

UK is more concerned about reports of terrorism, and therefore advises tourists not to joke about bombs at American airports, which also applies to Israel, which does not consider the US a safe country. Germany emphasizes that Americans can easily get weapons, and therefore there is a higher crime rate. Mexicans also look at their neighbor with apprehension, preferring to always carry documents with them and avoid large numbers of people during a trip to the United States.



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