“Some certainly know they are racist…” “Yes!” – This is how the small parties faced each other in the Yle exam

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On Thursday evening, 13 minor parties faced each other in Yle's two-hour minor party show. The discussion covered several different themes, including security, employment and the economy.

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According to Petrus Pennanen, Finland should take other countries' nuclear waste into storage in Finnish rocks and legalize cannabis. Inka Soveri/ILanniina.sonerva@iltalehti.fiYesterday at 23:22

The minor parties debated today in Yle's minor party exam. The topics were covered from one side to the other, and in the heated discussion there was no avoiding the acknowledgments.

The chairman of the Sinimusta movement Tuukka Kuru would like to change Finnish laws so that ethnic profiling would be allowed.< /p>

Chairwoman of the Feminist Party Emilia Taskinenon the other hand, suggested preventive measures to solve youth crime, and many others were on the same lines. Taskinen continued that some of the debaters certainly know that they are racists. Kuru interrupted Taskinen's speech by exclaiming “yes”.

Right at the beginning of the discussion, the chair of the Communist Party of Finland Tiina Sandbergacknowledged Kuru. During the presentation, Kuru spoke about the emergence of contradictions in the coexistence of “European” and “non-European” peoples.

– We have two skin colors represented at home without any contradictions. It's worth a try, Sandberg acknowledged to Kuru in his own turn.

Agree, disagree

The minor parties were quite unanimous on toughening the punishments for violent crimes. Only the Feminist Party, the Animal Rights Party and the Communist Party would not increase the penalties.

The armed support of Ukraine, on the other hand, divided the opinions of the minor parties. The Animal Rights Party, the Feminist Party, Korjausliike, the Open Party, the Pirate Party, the Liberal Party and the Blue Movement would continue to provide arms.

The Animal Rights Party's Saana-Maria Majatie emphasized on the issue of arms aid that it is her his personal position.

Cannabis and nuclear waste

Chairman of the Open Party Petrus Pennanensuggested that Finland should start utilizing uranium and export nuclear electricity to, for example, Germany. According to him, this would cover the basic income of 1,500 euros for everyone.

According to Pennanen, Finland could also get additional income from storing nuclear waste from other countries and legalizing cannabis.

– By legalizing cannabis, we could get half a billion tax revenues a year, Pennanen said.

Participating in the exam

Open party, chairman Petrus Pennanen

Animal Rights Party, vice chairman Saana-Maria Majatie

Feminist party, chairman Emilia Taskinen

Kansalaisliitto, election representative Jorma Grönholm

Corjausliike, chairman Petri Roininen

Kristallipoolue, chairman Juho Lyytikäinen

Liberal Party, chairman< strong> Lassi Kivinen

Pirate party, chairman Pekka Mustonen

Sinimusta party, chairman Tuukka Kuru

Finnish people first, chairman Riikka Salmi

Communist Party of Finland, general secretary Tiina Sandberg

Power belongs to the people, party secretary Marko Hiltunen

Vapaude liitto, chairman Ossi Tiihonen

”Some people surely know they are racist...” ”Yes!” – These small parties faced each other in the Yle testä

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