Solovyov almost declared war on NATO

Solovyov almost declared war on NATO

Soloviev almost declared war on NATO

Photo from open sources

The response to the closure of Europe for Russians could be an invasion of the Baltic states, a war with NATO and the use of nuclear weapons.

This is the agenda that the Kremlin propagandist Solovyov announced.

"Well, we will now bring in troops to protect the Russian-speaking population, 40% in Latvia, will the NATO countries twitch? Are Berlin, Paris, London, Brussels ready to burn from our missile strikes?"

Soloviev is sure that in the event of an invasion, only Poland will stand up for the Baltic countries, but hardly the United States and Western Europeans.

"Will the others go or not? We will not arrange this zirlich-manirlich, — the Z-agitator warns. — If NATO goes, then a different approach, we don’t feel sorry for them, they are not our people.

In addition, according to the propagandist, the Russian Federation can use tactical, and if necessary, strategic nuclear weapons.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich