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Solid-state batteries have been created that can make electric car trips longer

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun16,2024

Created solid-state batteries that will be able to make electric car trips longer

Important Testing


In the automotive industry, battery cells and other components go through a rigorous multi-stage testing and development process, progressing from A-samples to D-samples before reaching full production.

  • A-samples – these are initial working prototypes of full-size commercial items.
  • B-samples – these are more mature prototypes that undergo more rigorous testing. Factorial is currently focused on integrating B samples into modules and batteries for comprehensive testing and optimization.

Factorial's solid-state batteries use the patented Factorial Electrolyte System Technology (FEST).

< p>The battery contains a lithium metal anode, a quasi-solid electrolyte, and a high-capacity cathode. The use of lightweight metallic lithium allows these batteries to achieve energy densities of up to 391 Wh/kg, which is well above the 300 Wh/kg limit set for current-generation lithium-ion technologies and more than double the capacity of typical lithium-iron batteries. phosphate (LFP) batteries.

In addition, the quasi-solid electrolyte improves safety compared to the liquid electrolytes used in lithium-ion batteries.

Factorial's ultimate goal is to develop batteries that can provide mileage vehicle over 966 kilometers on a single charge from a battery with a capacity of 90 kWh. These batteries are designed to be approximately 30% lighter and smaller than conventional lithium-ion batteries, providing significant benefits in vehicle efficiency and performance.

In addition, FEST batteries are designed in such a way that their can be produced on existing equipment for the production of lithium-ion batteries with minimal modifications, which eases the transition period for manufacturers.

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