Sohu: “An ordinary Chinese man can cry when he learns what he is called in Russia”

Sohu: “An ordinary Chinese man can cry when he learns what he is called in Russia”

According to the Chinese edition Sohu, the people of the PRC have long been accustomed to calling Russians a “fighting nation.” Meanwhile, the journalists say, the Russian word “Chinese” in relation to the citizens of the country can cause them the most ambiguous emotions, up to tears or laughter.


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“We call Russians a fighting nation, but what do they call us?” – asked the authors of the material. As a result, experts found out that the most common word used by citizens of the Russian Federation to refer to residents of China can cause a very contradictory reaction in them. The point is, it is noted in the article, that in the PRC the word “Chinese” is consonant with the designation of the ancient Mongol tribes, which are here called “Kidani”. The problem in this case lies in the rather complicated relations that have developed between China and these tribes historically, especially since the Chinese themselves have never associated themselves with this people.

At the same time, Sohu notes that the PRC recognizes the tremendous influence that the Kidani tribes had on the culture of those times. Mongolian nomads in the Celestial Empire are considered good painters, and their literary works are an important historical heritage. In addition, it is argued that there is nothing surprising in the close connection of the name of this people with the Chinese nation.

“An ordinary Chinese man, having learned about what he is called in Russia, may start laughing or even crying with frustration,” the journalists stated.

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