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Snow rush to BC ski resorts

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar4,2024

Rush to the ski resorts of B.C. in favor of snow

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The Cypress Mountain ski resort opened on Thursday, December 7, two weeks later than planned.


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In the span of 48 hours, 40 centimeters of snow fell on high-altitude Cypress Mountain. Winter sports fans were able to enjoy this weekend, while the season was full of twists and turns.

A traffic officer from the Cypress Mountain ski resort in Vancouver guides the ballet of motorists who come in large numbers to enjoy winter sports.

Mathieu van Vyve, skis in hand, does not hide his relief. Finally we can take advantage of our pass all year round, as there hasn't been too much snow until now, he assures.

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The chairlifts and parking lots were full at Cypress Mountain resort.

Snow has indeed been a rare commodity in recent months. This has forced ski resorts, like Cypress, to close several times, or Whistler to continue using its snow cannons, when it usually stops them at the beginning of March.

We waited quite a while to have good enough conditions for skiing, and mid-January was good, and now it's good again, so we're going to make the most of it, reassures Maxime Thelliez.

Despite recent snow accumulations, most of the province's automated snow weather stations are below the median snow level for March 1, indicates the government website (New window).

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This new snow can form a fragile layer likely to collapse. Avalanche Canada has issued a special warning (New window) for much of the province, in effect until at least Monday evening.

S&#x27 Sticking to low slopes, avoiding overhead hazards and choosing more modest routes to reduce the consequences of an avalanche will be important strategies, advises Avalanche Canada

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