Snapchat launches an augmented reality feature to show sports content

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This new feature allows the use of common editing tools, to add music or stickers to the training, among other details

Snapchat launches augmented reality feature to show sports content

Snapchat. (photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

A few days ago Snapchat presented Strava Lens, an augmented reality (AR) experience that allows users of the platform and its other fitness application to share workouts and sports activities with friends and family.

In this sense, the use of this service requires the user to be registered in both Snapchat and Strava, a social networkfocused on athletes, which allows online monitoring of competitions and all physical activities recorded by the application.

Strava's new lens is aimed at users who want to share their training experience, using AR technology to add important information such as the distance traveled or the time spent performing a specific exercise.

This new lens is now available worldwide for Strava and users.Snapchat on iOS and Android mobile phones.

How is the new Snapchat AR feature< /b>

It works in two ways: either by connecting through Snapchat or by connecting through Strava. In the first case, Strava Activity finds the lens in the search bar and in the lens finder.

This is also included in the fitness program's public profile. From there, just press the workout selection icon on the left until you find the workout you want to share.

Snapchat launches augmented reality feature to show sports content

Snapchat launches augmented reality feature. (photo: Snap)

Alternatively, the activity can be shared on Snapchat by opening the Strava app and selecting the desired workout. Tapping the share icon will upload to Snapchat and simultaneously appear on that other platform's main camera.

Snapchat announced that this lens also allows the user to use their usual editing tools, add music or stickers to their workouts, among other details.

In addition, it is possible to share a story that contains images taken during training. To do this, just press and slide the capture button to the left to lock and record in 'Hands Free' mode.

Snapchat enables an option to try on clothes with augmented reality filters

The social network has also launched new filters who use augmented reality to measure clothes. Of course, users can purchase them without leaving the app. Snapchat has made available to everyone a series of lenses or filters that use augmented reality to virtually try on outfits that can also be changed by sliding a carousel on the screen.

The outfits are molded automatically to adapt to each body, giving the feeling that they are worn. Of course, and thanks to Halloween happened a few days ago, the number of available costumes will be extended to see how they look. Among them you can currently find:

– Disney Characters

– The Squid Game

– Stranger Things

– Minecraft

– Power Rangers

– Transformers

– Jurassic World

– The Office

– Chucky

– Harry Potter

– Ghostbusters

Snapchat launches an augmented-reality feature to show sports content< /p>Snapchat filters for Halloween. (Photo: Snap Newsroom)

Among others, which also can be purchased from the application. The technology of Snapchat will overlay the image of the product on the user's body in the photo, and the user can take a photo and share it with their friends or directly go to the store to buy it without even leaving the app.

Finding them is as easy as searching for “Snapchat costumes” in the search bar or using the Snapchat lens browser to search for specific brands like The Squid Game and Minecraft.

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