Snapchat+ and the option to set time for posts

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The photos and videos on the social network will have a variable validity that can be from one hour to one week

Snapchat+ and the option to put time on posts

New Snapchat+ features for posts on the social network. (Snapchat)

Snapchat announced the arrival of new features to its mobile application for subscribers of the paid version called Snapchat+ . This update will allow users to modify the duration time of the stories that are published.

People will be able to indicate if they want the publication they have made is kept less than the default 24 hours that is had in the regular version of the application. Users can choose whether these are removed from 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days, up to a week after its original publication.

The platform believes that this functionality will allow users to content creators to ensure that their communities can stay in touch with their posts longer and generate even more engagement with them.

This paid version of the application, which has a subscription cost of $5 per month,It will also have new features that will improve the experience for subscribers.

Snapchat+ and the option to time out posts

The paid version of the app Snapchat has a subscription cost of $5 per month. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

Other characteristics Added to the Snapchat+ subscription is customizable notifications sounds, which can be accessed through the settings menu of a chat< /b>.

Users will be able to choose from six special sounds to identify which people or groups of contacts are sending messages without need to look at the phone or the notifications of the application.

As indicated in the publication ofwebsite of the application, to enter this menu you only need to press and hold a conversation.

In addition , in the visual aesthetic aspect, customizable borders were added within the application's photo and video capture screen. Both the camera borders, the capture button and the Snapchat icon at the top can change to a variety of colors such as: Snapchat yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple, pink, red and orange.

Snapchat+ and the option to put time for posts

One of the novelties in Snapchat+ is the ability to customize users' Bitmoji with Halloween-themed costumes. (Snapchat)

In addition, Bitmoji avatars of Snapchat+ usersThey will have one more customization option with which they can add Halloween themed backgrounds so that they can have an aesthetic much more related to the current season and the costumes, with the It is possible to give these avatars more personality , they will have a greater impact when they are viewed.

Use of the double camera on Snapchat

This year the Snapchat platform enabled the option to Dual Camera, with which “snapchatters” can capture multiple perspectives at the same time using both cameras of their devices to communicate what they are seeing users at the time of publishing.

This feature, which also offers various template options, includes formats various such as vertical, horizontal, image on image and cutouts, in addition to the tools of the social network and which are very popular, such as glasses of augmented reality , stickers and the ability to add music within the posts that are made.

The Dual Camera can now be used by users around the world who have devices with iOS system, from iPhone XS/XR onwards, and in In the coming months it will be gradually reaching smartphones with the Andro id.

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