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Smart ring Samsung Galaxy Ring was officially presented

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul10,2024

Smart Samsung Galaxy Ring presented officially

As part of the July Unpacked presentation, Samsung revealed details about the smart Galaxy Ring, which was quickly announced back in January together with the Galaxy S24 smartphones.

First of all, the Galaxy Ring &mdash ; device for sports and health. However, the ring is designed to complement the smartwatch, not replace it completely. The accessory helps to monitor pulse, pressure, body temperature, menstruation, blood oxygen level and other indicators.

At night, the Galaxy Ring is especially useful. The ring can monitor sleep quality and detect snoring. If it turns out that the user snores a lot, the ring will send a message to the smartphone with advice to consult a specialist or change the pillow.

Among other functions: determination of the stress level, assessment of the quality of breathing and assessment of the quality of nutrition. The ring supports the Samsung Food service, thanks to which the gadget turns into a personal nutritionist. Based on activity data, Galaxy Ring will advise how much food you can eat during the day and how much water your body needs. AI will take into account the number of calories burned, as well as the body mass index.

The ring is presented in three colors: silver, black and gold. Dimensions — from 15.7 to 22 by our standards and from 5 to 13 by American standards. Depending on the size, the battery capacity varies from 14.5 to 21.5 mAh. The ring works for 7 days without charging. Waterproof — 10 ATMs. The accessory is charged using a special docking station that comes with the kit.

The Galaxy Ring connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and synchronizes with the Samsung Health app. Health data will be displayed there. There is support for the Samsung Find service — it will be possible to see on the map where the ring is located if the user has lost the gadget. The ring cannot squeak, but it can flash, attracting the owner's attention.

Galaxy Ring can be used in conjunction with the Galaxy Watch. Then the measurement indicators will be more accurate. So far, the ring can only be connected to Samsung smartphones. Later, the accessory can be connected to any Android device. There will be no iPhone support. The accessory will not work without a smartphone, as it has no buttons or touch panels. To save energy, the gadget changes health indicators several times an hour, but not constantly.

Price and availability

Galaxy Ring was estimated at $339. Worldwide sales will begin on July 19.

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