Small “Tesla” from one hand? Equipment supplier Idra report

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According to a decidedly premature announcement, an important Tesla shipment from Italy arrived in Texas in October 2022: a so-called gigapress from Idra Systems, i.e. an injection molding machine with a huge clamping force of 9,000 tons in this case. Tesla will need something similar for the Cybertruck, CEO Elon Musk pointed out after unveiling the record-breaking car, and recently boxes of Idra have indeed been spotted again at the Gigafactory in Texas. The manufacturer has also prepared another 9,000-ton gigapress for transport to Asia, which has sparked some rumors about Tesla's plans for it.

9000-ton press for Tesla China?

According to its website, Idra, which may have become one of the most famous machine builders in the world thanks to its connections to Tesla, was founded in Italy in 1946 and has been owned by China's LK Technology Holding since 2007. Giant Tesla presses with a press force of 6,000 tons are already in use at all four factories around the world to produce large frame members for the Model Y. presented in April of this year, was even ordered.

Another example may soon be shipped to Tesla in China. At least that's how EV-loving observers almost unanimously interpreted Idra's LinkedIn post this week that the next 9,000-tonne press is ready to ship to Asia. However, even to questions in the comments, the manufacturer himself did not provide any information about the exact purpose or buyer of the huge machine. In this regard, a new car could also be sent to Korea and not even necessarily intended for the automotive industry. However, columnist @ray4tesla, for example, suggested that Tesla must have ordered a gigapress with its gigafactory in China. Then it was discussed what the company could do with it. Offers have included production of Cybertrucks for markets other than North America, or production of the Model S and Model X in China, all of which have so far come from the US.

Casting pressurized expected on many EVs

Instead, a well-known battery YouTuber has come up with a very compact electric car whose support frame might even come out of a new record press in one piece. Tesla could probably use such a model, especially in China, where sales plummeted in December. However, in an interview this week, Chinese Vice President Toa Lin dismissed rumors that the Model 2 could be coming soon.

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She made no further comment, and after Tesla China previously denied both the price cut and the Gigafactory's production cuts in December, both of which were, such statements appear to have limited force. However, the new Giga press could have been ordered by a completely different customer, which is now speculating. At the end of 2021, a Bernstein analyst estimated that 50 percent of all electric vehicles in the future will be produced using such machines. And already in April of the same year, the mother of Idra L.K. announced that auto supplier Ruili has ordered three more gigapresses, including a Dreampress 9000T with a capacity of 9000 tons.

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