Slovakian championship: Trencin vs Slovan Bratislava live streaming free

Slovakian championship: Trencin vs Slovan Bratislava live streaming free

Trencin vs Slovan Bratislava live streaming free
Trnencin – Slovan: forecast for the match of the Slovakian championship (August 31, 2020)

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Trencin has not won this season yet, but whether Slovan will be able to extend the opponent’s unsuccessful streak on 31 August – you will find the answer in the forecast. How will the match end?

Trencin started this season very poorly – Ricardo Moniz’s team has not yet won a single victory. With two points, the club is on the last line in the table, but so far the situation has not turned into a disaster for him – the sixth Pogronje has only three points more, while Trencin still has a match in reserve.

However, in the matches played, the team’s form left much to be desired – after two draws with Ruzomberok (2: 2) and Zlata Moravec (1: 1), Trencin lost to Zilina, a 2: 4 defeat sent him to the last line in the table.

Slovan Br
Slovan also started the season far from perfect – Jan Kozak’s team is still only on the fourth line in the table. There is already a gap of six points from the leader of Dunaiskaya Streda, but the opponent played one more match. This week the “sky blue” failed in the qualification of the Champions League, having received a technical defeat from “Klaksvik”.

In none of the last six matches did Trencin beat Slovan – four defeats and a draw
Trencin won none of the three matches this season – defeat and two draws
Slovan have won two wins in three games this season

Personal meetings
04.03.20 Trencin Slovan Br 7: 8
02/22/20 Slovan Br Trencin 20
09/22/19 Trencin Slovan Br 2: 4
01.12.18 Trencin Slovan Br 0: 3
08/26/18 Slovan Br Trencin 3: 3
04/22/18 Trencin Slovan Br 13
04/14/18 Slovan Br Trencin 13
02.12.17 Slovan Br Trencin eleven
09.09.17 Trencin Slovan Br 2: 2
05/19/17 Trencin Slovan Br 3: 2

Slovan is clearly betting on the championship and so far is only on the fourth line in the table, letting Dunaiska Streda go ahead by as much as six points. It is obvious that today the guests will strive only for victory and their chances of success are very high – Trencin is far from being in the best shape, concedes a lot, is inferior to Slovan in the class, the hosts have a minimum chance of points.

We believe that the owners have nothing to count on. The forecast is a victory for Slovan . In 1xBet such an outcome is offered with odds of 1.72

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