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Slovak activists collected almost 2 million euros for shells for Ukraine

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr22,2024

Activists of Slovakia collected almost 2 million euros for shells for Ukraine


Citizens of Slovakia were able to collect about 2 million euros for the purchase of shells for Ukraine within the framework of the initiative of the Czech Republic. They managed to do it in a few days.

The Slovak fundraising campaign “Ammunition for Ukraine” was born after the Fico government refused to participate in the Czech government's initiative to buy hundreds of thousands of artillery ammunition for Ukraine outside the EU.

In the video that launched the campaign, one of its initiators, 99-year-old journalist Otto Simko, said that Russia must be expelled from Ukraine so that “we can talk about peace on terms , which correspond to Ukrainian independence”.

When I learned about the initiative of the Czech government, I was very happy to hear that all ways are being sought to help Ukraine protect itself from the aggressor, because there is no other way, he said one of the fund-raising organizers is journalist Otto Simko.

During four days of the “Ammunition for Ukraine” campaign, 1.94 million euros were collected. According to the initiative, more than 30,000 of its donors donated an average of 64 euros.

According to campaign co-organizer Zuzana Izhakova, the collection will be open-ended, and the funds received will go to the Czech ammunition collection program, the first deliveries of which in Ukraine is expected in June.

Activists of Slovakia collected almost 2 million euros for shells for of Ukraine


Let us remind you that Slovakia stopped providing military aid to Ukraine after the pro-Russian party led by Robert Fico won the parliamentary elections in the country.

Natasha Kumar

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