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nB Sd Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north | NDR.de – news - The Times Hub

Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north | NDR.de – news

Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north |  NDR.de – news

Status: 02/16/2021 11:54 a.m.

In the north it is still slippery. In parts of Lower Saxony there is black ice and freezing rain.  The  weather conditions lead to failures and delays on buses and trains and to accidents on roads.

 The  Autobahn 1 between Oyten (Verden district) and the Bremer Kreuz has been released again, reports the traffic management center. In the morning a truck had an accident on the slippery slope.

 The  recovery turned out to be difficult. Other accidents occurred in the backwater, reports NDR 1 Lower Saxony.

 The  districts of Gifhorn, Peine and Holzminden suspended classroom teaching on Tuesday due to black ice.

Further information

Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north |  NDR.de – news

Rain? Sun? Storm? Here you can find the current weather and forecast for all of Northern Germany. more

Regional trains partially cease operations

 The  weather also disrupts local public transport in parts of the country.

 The  light rail traffic in Hanover is further restricted by frost damage.

 The re are also problems in S-Bahn traffic. Today there are no trains on the express route Seelze-Hannover-Hameln.

 The  S-Bahn line 6 between Celle and Hanover has ceased operations until tomorrow night.

 The re are also failures with the metronome on the route between Lüneburg and Hamburg and with the operator Erixx. “Some of the traffic is extremely unstable.

 The  main reasons for this are switch faults and faults at level crossings,” said an Erixx spokesman. In the Gifhorn district, there are currently no buses due to the ice.

Train travelers should inform themselves before departure

Commuters and travelers should still find out about the traffic situation on the internet before starting their journey. Information on current train connections is available on the company’s service pages:

Ice accidents – one dead

Several vehicles spun on the A7 between Northeim and Seesen on Monday evening, causing sheet metal damage.

 The  police counted ten accidents with 16 vehicles involved. Two people were easily injured. A man was slightly injured on the A36 near Wolfenbüttel after his car crashed into a transverse van. Several vehicles also came off the lanes near Oldenburg. A car overturned on the A27 near Cuxhaven, and the Weser tunnel on the B437 was closed. A 54-year-old man died on Monday afternoon on federal highway 71 between Hemslingen and Brockel (Rotenburg district). According to the police, a 29-year-old had got into the oncoming lane when freezing rain started and collided with the man’s car.

Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north |  NDR.de – news

VIDEO: Numerous accidents after freezing rain on Lower Saxony’s roads (1 min)

Also fresh snow in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

On Tuesday morning it was slippery in large parts of northern Germany, as temperatures almost everywhere in the north sank below freezing point. After heavy snowfall is in Hamburg the winter service of the city cleaning in large-scale operation. Several centimeters of fresh snow have hindered road and rail traffic since yesterday evening. Fresh snow also affects traffic in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

 The re have been some accidents. According to the police, there have been more than 40 accidents nationwide in Schleswig-Holstein. Trucks stood across the freeway. In Lübeck and Kiel bus traffic was temporarily suspended on Monday evening – it is running again.

Further information

Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north |  NDR.de – news

Up to 20 centimeters of fresh snow and the onset of thaw in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

 The  police warn of the slippery road. more

Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north |  NDR.de – news

Snowfall and slippery roads made for difficult road conditions in the morning.

 The re were several accidents. (02/16/2021) more


Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north |  NDR.de – news

1 Min

 The  “Albatros” breaks through the ice cover in the New Harbor so that the ships lying there are not damaged. 1 min

Several Elbe and island ferries cease operations

 The  change in weather also affects ferry traffic: Inland, the Elbe ferry in Bleckede (Lüneburg district) has ceased operations until further notice due to the ice drift.

 The  connections to several East Frisian Islands are also hampered by ice and low water.

 The  ferries from the mainland to Wangerooge and Juist will remain in the ports for the time being, as the responsible ferry companies announced. Between Neuharlingersiel and Spiekeroog, where ferry traffic has also been interrupted since the weekend, ships are to start operating today – albeit with delayed departure times.

Further information

Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north |  NDR.de – news

Traffic jams, construction sites and hazard warnings: current reports on traffic for Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. more

Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north |  NDR.de – news

 The  ice cover is sometimes unstable on Lower Saxony’s lakes and rivers.

 The  change in weather increases the risk. more

Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north |  NDR.de – news

Icy boats, smooth sea and Weser renaissance: NDR.de shows Lower Saxony’s winter magic from a bird’s eye view. more

Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north |  NDR.de – news

 The  weather has not allowed ferry traffic to the island for days. Several machines landed with food on Friday. more

Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north |  NDR.de – news

In freezing cold on the street – that can be life-threatening for people without a place to stay. How should we behave? more

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Hello Lower Saxony | 02/15/2021 | 19:30 o’clock

Slippery ice affects traffic and teaching in the north |  NDR.de – news

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