“Slightly tense” China and India pull tanks and aircraft to the border

“Slightly tense” China and India pull tanks and aircraft to the border

Army units of China and India are pulling up to the border. “Slightly tense” neighboring countries are concentrating army special forces, military aviation and large tank formations at the border.

In late August, Indian Army units took the lead, establishing control of the heights in the South Pangong region, which is in East Ladakh. An increase in the concentration of units of the Chinese army was noted, at the same time, artillery installations were also deployed. They are deployed at a distance of 20 kilometers from the front line. At the same time, groups of tanks from the Chinese army were found. The movements of combat vehicles are being monitored by the Indian army, which dominates the heights from Mukpari to Takung, according to NDTV. The deployment of additional forces to strengthen the heights held by army units along the line of contact with the enemy was recorded.

At the same time, China's military aviation is being deployed. Along with this, NDTV notes that the Su-30 prevails among the Chinese aircraft, they also form the basis of the Indian Air Force.

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