Sleeping “tomato flu” in India. Why are there tomatoes and what are the women afraid of

Sleeping “tomato flu” in India. Why are there tomatoes and what are the women afraid of

Scientists have learned that you can be afraid of “tomato virus”

Sleep “tomato flu” in India. Why are the tomatoes so afraid of women

At the middle of the sickle, the science sickness hit the news about the sleeping of a new virus among children in India — yoga was called “tomato flu”, write New Atlas.

The report was published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, someone had a new virus that swept India – for three months “tomato flu” over 82 children were infected. The authors of the publication stated that symptoms of the diseasesimilar to COVID-19 and is characterized by pain in the body, fever and in the back. The diseased rice of the new virus was called sickly fluffy rosemary from tomato.

The actual laboratory data were not shown in the publications, but the protege of the post-COVID world has changed – we can no longer be placed without a turbo before the appearance of new viruses. Scientists around the world began to analyze the new virus.

The situation of the troch cleared up if the symptoms of “tomato flu” revealed in children from Great Britain. A lad and a 13-month-old girl fell ill for the day after returning from a family relationship in Kerala, which is in India. Doctors immediately commemorated the symptoms of the mysterious Indian virus and conducted laboratory investigations.

During the test, both children were diagnosed with enterovirus, which is called Coxsackie A16. Vіn vyklikає virus fluff of the empty company and kintsіvok (HFMD). British biologists immediately began to review the results of the analyzes and consider that the Indian “tomato flu” not a new virus, but a different kind of flu, I can’t do anything wrong with tomatoes, that’s true – HFMD.

British authorities have also established that the Indian “tomato virus” does not appear to be unique. Genomic testing showed that the latest virus appeared with the Coxsackie A16 strain, fixed in China 10 more years ago.

His investigation “tomato flu” in India also published by the Australian epidemiologist Gideon Mejrovitz-Katz. On the other hand, the removal of the British authorities from the data does not allow again to fight against the Indian virus, to give ground for serious doubts.

One of the proofs suggested by Mejrovits-Kats is the fact that in India the terms “tomato flu” or “tomato fever”. As a rule, they are victorious for the recognition of spalah in unreasonable illnesses. As an example, an epidemiologist brought 2007 r_k, if a mysterious illness developed in India, which was accompanied by fever, visip and & # 8220; tomato wounds & # 8221; (puffy) on the hands and feet, from which the motherland oozed. Todi її was nicknamed “tomato fever”, and most of the time it was wisnovka, which could have been an early viral infection, which is transmitted by mosquitoes, – the Chikungunya virus.

A new announcement about the appearance of 8220;tomato virus” vecheni z usogo svitu took up the work. Most scholars can agree on the thought that a new misfortune is due to COVID-19. At the thought of doctors, the coronavirus significantly weakened our immune system, and to that the viruses, as they used to sound more, now behave marvelously and can sound more often. The stinks have broken the system of watchfulness for the development of epidemics in the whole world, cherished by a piece of intelligence, and rightly commemorated the non-primary activity of the disease in India. Keep in mind that the activity of the infection does not kill & # 8220; tomato flu & # 8221; let's see what's new. Finally, through a weakened immune system, the virus manifests itself in new and unknown ways.