Sleep under the fan exacerbating existing disease and leading to the development of new

Sleep under the fan could have negative consequences for health. It affects the internal systems of the body and the appearance of man.

Сон под вентилятором обостряет уже имеющиеся заболевания и приводит к развитию новых

A powerful stream of cold air, which creates a fan, can bring with them dust, harvest mites, and spores and pollen. Their inhalation causes cold, sneezing and labored breathing. If you have a history of allergies or asthma these are often exacerbated. In addition, the person sleeping under the fan, increases the risk of getting cold. The fact that the night of the mucosa of the nasopharynx is dry. To minimize this negative effect can be drinking water. Another consequence is the muscle contraction that leads to increased muscle pain. Also, we cannot exclude seizures. A continuous stream of air has a negative effect on the skin, making it dry, so it often requires moisturizing creams.

Previously, scientists have found that sleep disorders provoke diseases of the cardiovascular system.

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