Slava Kaminska from “NeAngeliv” showed herself ten fates

Slava Kaminska from “NeAngeliv” showed herself ten fates

Slava Kaminska with “NeAngeliv” showed herself ten fates

Popular is the Ukrainian couple and the colossal soloist of the group “NeAngeli” Slava Kaminska, who moved to live in the Netherlands at once from her children, often shares with shanuvalniks the most beautiful publications on her side in Instagram. So, how many times has the star seen an unseen photo, de showed it, as if it looked ten years ago.

< p>In the archival photograph, Slava is depicted on the street, and next to her is a handsome young man. Behind the words of the artist, she knew the password to her side in & # 8220; Odnoklassniki & # 8221; she glanced over a bunch of old photographs there. I wrote the first axis of the photo to show it to my shanuvalniks. On the new Kaminska with a great decollete she looks young and beautiful.

Slava Kaminska with “NeAngeliv” showed herself ten milestones

At the caption before the photo, Slava wrote: & # 8220; I knew the password from classmates, 2012 rec. There are insoles “tsikavih” photo, but let the stench out there and get rid of it. How young we were”. Coristuvachi immediately began to comment on the sign of zirka: “Yakі namisto”, “Klasnі”, “Blakha, it happened that Jolie”, “Yakі krasunya”, “Beauty”, “How they believed in themselves”, “Damn! I thought Angelina Jolie” , “Tse exactly”, “I thought Angelina Jolie”, “From the same letter of normal names. Nі, suffered where it was not required”, “As we used to be, so we lost”, “You are so garna”, “Charіvna”.