Slava Kaminska from “NeAngeliv” hooked the Ukrainians

Slava Kaminska from “NeAngeliv” hooked the Ukrainians

As you write , you see a Ukrainian couple and an ex-soloist of the band “NeAngeli” Slava Kaminska, from the beginning of a large-scale war in Ukraine, moved from her children all at once to the Netherlands.

The artist loves to turn up respect for herself and rob everything so that they don’t forget about her. Let's go different, take a look at the spicy photos of that extravagant swearing, to the sharp words at the address of colleagues.

How many times did Slava cheer up the Ukrainians with my words.

On her side of Instagram, the couple showed her ranking weekdays. In the photo, she sees 7-year-old son Leon to school.

Slava Kaminska z “NeAngeliv” hooked the Ukrainians

Slavya didn’t get the right sign, so she asked for help from her followers.

“How do you translate“Oil painting”“oil painting”? , – Kaminska initiated the conversation.

Koristuvachí merezhі mittevo joined in the discussion, having taken food as a gluzuvannya from Ukrainian language.

“ Are you for Ukraine?”,

Slava Kaminska z “NeAngeliv” hooked Ukrainians

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“So be it. Є top oil, and є machine oil. No one can say machine oliya or vershkova oliya”,

“In Ukrainian language, the word is oil! Oliya can be Sonyashnikov's but from Vershkov's oil. 😂”,

“So you don't need to shift anything, let the oil painting get lost. You need to speak beautifully, but not correctly 😍😍😍”,

“Sorry, not everything is translated”,

“Open the dictionary and marvel)”, – comment at the edge.