“Slander and a complete lie”: Vladimir Ostapchuk responded to the statement by the former wife about new mom for the kids

The broadcaster said that Elena Voychenko dragging children to their manipulation

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"Клевета и полная ложь": Владимир Остапчук отреагировал на заявление экс-жены о новой маме для детей

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March 6, 2020 Ukrainian TV presenter Vladimir Ostapchuk officially terminated his marriage with his wife Elena Voychenko. After a loud and scandalous divorce, the artist stated that they took care of all household and financial matters with ex-wife. But later it turned out that the entertainer has filed a request to DCFS to conduct psychological examination of Elena.

In the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, which airs on the TV channel “Ukraine”, Voichenko announced new shocking facts of this story. According to her, Ostapchuk said their daughter Emilia that the new mom will be better, namely, his fiancee Christina miner, with which the presenter has recently arrived in a new apartment.

"Клевета и полная ложь": Владимир Остапчук отреагировал на заявление экс-жены о новой маме для детей

Vladimir Ostapchuk with the ex-wife and their children

The reaction of Vladimir Ostapchuk such a loud statement, the ex-wife has not kept itself waiting. He noted that Elena dragging their children in their manipulation, and all the things she said – slander.

“This is a slander, a complete lie, a fabrication and a dishonest manipulation, in which Helen weaves our children. I believe that this is unacceptable! It is beyond the limit! Everyone knows how I feel about my children. Their health, including mental, is a priority for me. Therefore, such kind of thoughts my head could not come, not to mention the fact that I voiced them. I can only guess why Elena to spread false information about me. I can mention one word slander. I think mom’s children have only one and it is for them the best! Point”, – said the showman.

The ex-wife of Vladimir Ostapchuk commented on his request on completion of a psychological examination:

At the moment, two children, Vladimir Ostapchuk born in the marriage with Voychenko live with mum. But the apartment where the showman had settled with his new girlfriend, a notary public Christina miner, also has room for a daughter Emilia and a son, Evan. Elena says that is not against dialogue of Vladimir with children.

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