Skone: “I do not forget that we have been the clowns of the media for many years”

Skone: “I do not forget that we have been the clowns of the media for many years”

Skone is one of the biggest names in world freestyle. But despite continually measuring his ego on stage, he confesses that he is the most insecure person he knows. Chemi, as his friends know him, talks about the wear and tear of battles, self-censorship with the issues, the ego in the world or his plans for the future


Skone (Málaga, 1989) has been the national freestyle champion – improvised rap – for just a few weeks. But the title is not new to him. After more than a decade on stage, he has come to hold the world crown of cockfighting, an event that gains followers every year. An example: the video of the 2019 Red Bull International Final has more than 17 million views on YouTube. Despite continually measuring his ego against other rappers, Chemi – as his friends know him – claims that he is the most insecure person he knows.

Q.- Preparing the interview, it gave me the impression that everything is already known about you. Do you have the feeling of being very exposed?

R.- Yes, yes, full . I have the feeling that almost everyone who investigates me a little knows almost everything about me because I have already done many interviews over many years. I feel like Pantoja, aunt, but hey.

Q.- Have you never regretted telling something in an interview? In the end in the battles any information can be a weakness for which they attack you

A.- Yes, there is a move that I do not like to share that are certain dark passages of my personal life because I believe that everyone has lights and shadows. Everybody has a cross that they carry and I don't really agree with what artists do, and rappers do a lot, telling their sentences as if they were a diploma . It's like: Let's see, we have all been moved, don't cry so much that your neighbor and the baker have also had a bitch for sure. So I don't share those things. First, because I don't think they build anything and, second, because they are part of my personal scope and, damn, what do you become as a person if you give everything away.

As for what you say about the rivals, it is a bitch because, of course, I face kids and I don't know anything about them. Surely that day is the first time I have seen them in my life. So I have to throw a little imaginary and he has a letter that even knows how many times I eat a day. But I do not know, we are surviving.

Q.- Do you ever miss street battles, when you weren't known and there wasn't a platform like Red Bull behind it?

A.- Yes because when it is not your job it is 100% to enjoy all the time. There you didn't care about losing than winning. I remember that maybe the battle with the most people there were 10 people and you were already nervous. This is how the flower that germinated in love for this developed. Yes it is true that sometimes I miss him, but then I remember how he lived at that time and I don't miss him so much.

Q.- Does freestyle wear as much as it seems? Rappers are continually leaving the circuit and new ones entering

A.- Yes, the psychological exhaustion is amazing because all the time kids arrive hungrier than you, who know how to do things that you don't know how to do and you have to catch up. It's super dodgy psychologically. Like a continuous pressure. We don't go somewhere, we give a concert and all the people know the lyrics and you go home. Which will also be stressful, I guess. But we live that every weekend. And physically it means that you freak out. I mean, the Red Bull was on Friday and I fell asleep until Tuesday with cramps in my legs and pain. In fact, in the final he gave me a tug on my ass that you can see that I start to stretch that looked like I was in Upa Dance.

Q.- How do you improve? Do you force yourself to read books or watch movies to pick up vocabulary or how do you train?

A.- I think the subject of consuming art gives you a linguistic richness but I don't do it consciously. I have always consumed it and that's it. As for training, I do consider a series of trainings that I am not going to reveal to you because otherwise the others will do it too. But basically it is looking for new horizons, putting yourself to the test. I'll tell you one: if normally they give us a series of words and generally in the formats the maximum you are going to do is two words in a measure -a measure usually lasts 10 seconds- well I train in ten seconds, six words. And you will say, host, what a fucking madness. And yes, it is very difficult to get out, but when they put two words to me, I fly. I train a lot because I have nothing to hold against myself if I lose .

Q.- Do you think that after so many years people already understand what a fresstyle battle consists of?

A.- I think that it is understood more and more, it is more and more naturalized and is a current that almost any kid between 14 and 30 years old has ever consumed. But it is true that the more the exposure grows, it reaches places that are not kind ears and that are going to say 'ah, these kids what they have done or said'. Also with this current of hypersensitive skin and this type of movement we have to be very careful with what issues that at that moment are in the mainstream of sensitivity. And it's a bit of a pain, really.

Q.- Are you really careful not to offend with what you say?

R.- There is a peña that doesn't care and I think it's very good, I think it would be the future. But I have to be honest. In plan: I think I've already given a lot for this move to put my chest into this. So it's not that in a battle I'm consciously saying 'I'm not going to say this', it comes naturally to me. But I think it's wrong . We know that we are playing a series of roles and it is an argumentative battle, not a moral battle. Because from a moral point of view, the battles themselves are already 100% wrong . It's one guy insulting another. So it depends on where you want to put the line on a topic because tomorrow will be another and then it will be the battles of giving us hugs. On the other hand, I know rappers a lot and if you say a free letter to a rapper, I don't know the atrocities we could say . So I am not entirely clear what I think about this issue.

Q.- Is there a lot of divo in the world?

R.- There are some but I don't feel it because they are partners. Everyone has treated me with the same level of respect and affection. Yes it is true that sometimes, very, very, very rare, yes that I have seen some colleagues have behaviors with people outside of us a little bit strange. Say, let's see, Beckham, get off a couple of changes. But generally not.

Q.- And how do you handle the ego? Because it is not just being recognized but you play with your ego on stage and you can put your self-esteem on the ground in front of thousands of spectators

R.- Well, I think the secret is to be clear that this guy who goes on stage doesn't have much to do with the one who descends into the world of human beings. I have lost a thousand battles and Skone has taken a lot of beatings but he is the one who has taken them. I am Chemi. Obviously we are all super competitive, it is our job and we all screw up losing. But that's it.

Q.- Do you have insecurities?

A.- Yes, all the time. I think I am the most insecure person I know. In other words, I go to a place with new people and if I feel that one of the people has disliked me, I am scratched. I swear. And sometimes I know that I can seem, especially rapping, like super cool. But he is a super alter ego. I really don't have any of that. I'm very insecure, aunt, very, very.

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Q.- Have you ever thought about leaving it and closing the freestyle stage?

R.- I always like to do other moves. Now I am going to release music, I made a clothing brand, I have done radio … I also once did a TV program that lasted one day. I like to open other kiosks, also for the future, obviously. I think cycles change and you have to be aware that at some point this will end. But more than fatigue, it is that sometimes it doesn't motivate me. Event number five cannot motivate me, when I have been seven in a month. I go, I'm as professional as I can and that's it. But at that moment I remember when I did not live on this and I say, joe, I was less motivated to unload trucks and I lived much worse. And surely the man who is working 12 hours a day doing anything does not motivate him either. Sometimes I continue to be fair to the universe . Like man, don't cry so much that there are people who are having a very bad time and you are fucking motherfucker, you bastard.

Q.- In these weeks you release music and many rappers leave freestyle to focus on their career as artists. Do you see yourself doing the same?

A.- If it worked for me at the same level, I suppose so because it would be trying something else. I have been making music for many years but I did not want to fall into the error of many colleagues. I don't know if there is a mistake or that maybe their heads are formatted to the battle system, but I don't want my songs to be an elaborate freestyle. I think music has to go further, it has to be something else. And I've been in a lot of places learning until I was clear about what I was in music, what my brilliance is. Because yes, I can write a song in five minutes like any rapper, but I think that an artist is not that.

Q.- You have always advocated bringing battles closer to more and more people and now you are doing something similar collaborating with the entresdosuno platform. Also, you have more and more presence in the media, what do you think of that?

A.- I think that anyone outside of us who wants to approach with the intention of helping, and also of winning their corresponding part, is obviously great. The thing is, I'm still a bit spiteful. I am not forgetting that we have been the clowns of the media for many, many, many years . So sometimes I have some reluctance. Now is what we do cool? Damn, it's the same thing we did I don't know how many years ago. What happens that now more people see and you are interested. But if you treat me with the same respect that I treat you, it's all great. And let whoever comes here we are going to be willing to work. But that each one is from his house, because sometimes it seems that we have to give thanks.

Q.- I heard you say in an interview that your dream is to set up an association for children with cerebral palsy, are you still thinking about it?

A.- Yes, 100%. That topic affects me a lot personally because of my moves and it would really be a mark in the world. Because I know what is suffered and I know what families suffer. I live very well of what I like, there are many people who love me and it's great, but it would be something to say: whatever happens, it doesn't matter because I have done this.

Q.- And how do you see your future? because it's a new profession …

A.- Well, we will continue to improvise but in life.

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