Skoda Fabia pretend to be an electric hatchback

Skoda Fabia pretend to be an electric hatchback

The Czech brand Skoda is going to replace the Fabia model with a new electric car, which will appear before 2030. The CEO of Skoda Klaus Zellmer, after describing the Autocar brand, which the brand works on the electric model of the cob, to replace the Skoda Fabia. But despite the fact that the fourth generation of the hatback is relevant, it debuted more than a year ago.

The new electric car is just as costly as the Fabia, which is on sale in Europe for 14,540 euros. Before the speech, on the cob of which fate the new “Fabia” appeared in sales in Ukraine. Narazi, hatchback cost 579 790 UAH (approximately 15 700 EUR).

Speaking at the presentation of the Vision 7S concept car, which will show up in showrooms in 2026, the Skoda boss said: “A battery electric car will come to replace the Fabia with its price position, and we will work over it.”

However, he added: “The biggest problem at the moment is the versatility [of the development] of electric vehicles on batteries, especially with the versatility of the automobile [of the world] Fabia. We will be left with a trifle tolerant.”

On the eve of the launch of 7S in Praza, it was confirmed that a Moscow electric car and a crossover will arrive before the 7-speed electric vehicle, and then two more electric cars, one of which, as it turns out, will replace the Fabia. This is about to launch in the last quarter of the decade.

New Style

Skoda Fabia transform into electric hatchback

Skoda Fabia transform into electric hatchback

that the successor will radically change in the Fabia, if the wine will be released to the market with my new Skoda design – presented in front like a part of the Vision 7S – more leaning on the body of the SUV style, and not on the style of the supermini Fabia.

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It is clear that the new electric car is based on the first version of the MEB architecture of the Volkswagen Group, as it immediately wins in such models, like the Volkswagen ID.3, and will become one of the remaining ones in the group, which wins over until the new SSP platform appears.

Tse would allow the model to be in the middle of the Miskay їzdі th Zellmer by pulling on what the electric car would be splitting for him. The novelty can also win a richer version of the battery of the Vision concept with a capacity of 89 kW/year, but all the same, the advantage of a 200 kW quick charge is a richer charge for any other main car of the VW Group.

New market

Skoda Fabia transform into electric hatchback

Skoda Fabia transform into electric hatchback

Launch The new model in the presentation of the Vision 7S concept means that Skoda is expanding its market and gaining access to a wider audience.

“This gives us the opportunity to expand the number of customers that we can get to Skoda,” said Klaus Zellmer . – We are really trying to make our market bigger.”

“Such cars [Vision 7S] are potentially bigger than stock, and, obviously, we are engaged in business to earn a penny, but it’s not a big deal. The main meta is to increase our presence in the whole, to gain a greater potential in the market.”

Before the speech, at the same time, from the presentation of the new corporate identity, the new Skoda logo appeared, which will appear on future models.