Skins: the actor who played Sid is now … a teacher!

Skins: the actor who played Sid is now … a teacher!

Skins: the actor who played Sid is now ... a teacher!

Skins: an actor in the series is now … a teacher More than 10 years after the first episode of Skins aired in England, a former star of the series, Mike Bailey aka Sid, has decided to change careers. Finished the shootings, place for courses at the university.

In 2017, Mike Bailey revealed to Radio Times, “ I asked myself, 'What the fuck am I doing with my life?' And I ended up having a conversation with my wife and I realized that those who cannot play must teach “. 3 years later, the actor seems to have kept his promise.

From actor to teacher

Discovered in 2007 in the Skins series (first generation) with his role of Sid – the geek with the virgin but endearing cap of the group, Mike Bailey has in fact not appeared on our screens since 2016 and a web-series project called Hers and History . A suprise ? Not at all.

Where her ex-partners on English fiction all took advantage of her to grow up in Hollywood (Nicholas Hoult starred in X-Men and Mad Max , Joe Dempsie and Hannah Murray starred in Game of Thrones , Dev Patel was the one of the stars of The Newsroom or Slumdog Millionaire , Kaya Scodelario was a heroine in the Labyrinth saga, Daniel Kaluuya stood out in Get Out or Black Panther ), the 32-year-old young man has simply converted.

On Tiktok, an Internet user has just revealed that he has now become a university teacher in England. And that will not surprise anyone, he now gives drama lessons there. A new career he had never boasted about, but which should soon take a funny turn. And for good reason, discovering that their teacher has been a star in the past, his popularity begins to increase. Long live TikTok (and Skins )!

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