Skiers began to massively complain about the iPhone 14 because of the false alarm of the important Crash Detection function, designed to alert the owner of the gadget to a road accident. The device treats falls of outdoor enthusiasts on a snowy slope as an accident. complain about the iPhone 14 because it falsely triggered an important function” />

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In Utah, skiers have become massively critical of the iPhone 14. According to Apple smartphone owners, recently cases of unreasonable operation of the Crash Detection function have become more frequent. As a result, the device takes the fall of the skiers for getting into an accident and sends a message about the need to provide assistance to the owner. Because of this, the number of calls to emergency services from ski resorts has greatly increased. Often, rescuers were asked to go to the owner of the iPhone 14, who allegedly became a participant in an accident. On the body itself, a person did not get into a road accident.

In social networks, many complained about the false positive of the Crash Detection function. Apple has not yet responded to the criticism. At the same time, on November 30, iOS 16.1.2 was released, which improved the option for detecting accidents. It is possible that now there will be fewer complaints about the mentioned function.

On the iPhone 14, the Crash Detection option receives and processes information from the gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer and microphone. If the function detects signs of an accident, a warning appears on the screen. Within 10 seconds, you can swipe the display to call emergency services. If the option is not disabled, a new countdown will start. After that, the device will automatically call emergency services.



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