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Ski resorts: Artificial snowmaking “allows us to survive.” /></p>
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<p class=The Mont-Saint-Bruno ski resort (Archive photo)

Radio-Canada< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">With climate change and increasingly unpredictable winters, ski resort owners must adapt and reinvent their business model, notably by investing more in artificial snowmaking.

Despite the mild temperature, it remained possible on Christmas Day to hit the ski slopes… even though the conditions seemed to please the skiers and skateboarders.

There is no ice anywhere, everything is perfect! enthused one of them, Monday, at the Mont-Saint-Bruno ski resort, in Montérégie.

Ideal conditions which would not, however, be possible without the contribution of snow cannons, underlines Michel Couture, the general director of the resort.

Without snow making, we would not be open today.

A quote from Michel Couture, general manager of Ski Saint- Bruno

LoadingNetanyahu promises intensification of military offensive in Gaza

ELSE ON NEWS: Netanyahu promises an intensification of the military offensive in Gaza< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">We're going to tell each other the truth. This is really what allows us to survive and offer good conditions despite the ups and downs of the temperature, he continues.

The general director explains that the majority of ski resorts in the province have invested in artificial snowmaking in recent years. He also specifies that despite the absence of snow this winter, the cold temperature helped them. Our raw material is cold, so [skiers] should not question the quality and volume of snow in the mountains.

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Michel Couture, general director of Ski Saint-Bruno

According to the latter, traffic in the province's ski resorts generally begins after the Boxing Day sales, around December 26, and he affirms that they will be ready to welcome this influx of visitors, rain or shine.

The majority of ski areas are 75% snow-covered, so we will have the capacity to accommodate all the world, assures Mr. Couture.

Christian Dufour, the marketing director of the Les Sommets group – which owns five ski areas in the province including Saint-Sauveur and Morin Heights – would however like to point out that the resorts have suffered from mild spells during the winter season since the 1980s.

Winter in Quebec has always been capricious.

A quote from Christian Dufour, marketing director, Les Sommets

Nevertheless, he adds that the industry has always adapted and that investments in [artificial] snowmaking will continue to be very significant.

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Christian Dufour, marketing director Les Sommets

According to him, diversification is the solution for ski resorts. The Les Sommets group, for example, offers activities in both winter and summer, in addition to offering catering services.

Like the general director of Ski Saint-Bruno, Mr. Dufour emphasizes that there is always a slight drop in traffic during the holiday season, but still notes a positive month of December.

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