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Ski centers prepare the news snow season

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The ski lift at the Adanac ski center in Greater Sudbury. (Archive photo)

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If the ski season has not started in all centers of Northern Ontario, the operators of the various mountains in the region are at the heart of preparations to ensure a good season for skiers.

Most ski resorts in Northern Ontario are preparing for the next season by lining their slopes with artificial snow and preparing their employees. Some are already welcoming users.

This is the case of Mount Baldy in Thunder Bay, where skiers have already been hitting the slopes for three weeks. The ski resort management team says they are very busy ensuring that there is enough artificial snow cover to kick off the season in style.

We've been working like crazy for the last week, we're here 18 hours a day, explains the station's co-owner, Daniel Kardas.

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Daniel Kardas is looking forward to the start of the ski season in Mount Baldy, but is hoping for a helping hand from Mother Nature for more snow.

Mr. Kardas says the snowy state of his ski center contrasts with the rest of the region.

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When you walk around town, you still see green grass. A few weeks ago, people could still play golf and we were already skiing, he explains.

But the early opening of Mount Baldy came at a cost: the ski center team had to use its snow cannons intensively to allow skiers to slide down the slopes .

We ran the snow cannons all night last month

A quote from Daniel Kardas, co-owner of the Mount Baldy ski resort

It states that snow cannons must operate in subzero temperatures, and that they are turned off during the day to avoid throwing melting snow on the slopes.

However, we hope to have a helping hand from Mother Nature, in order to have a little free snow, adds Mr. Kardas. p>

If the Thunder Bay mountain already welcomes people, elsewhere in the North, the season is still in preparation.

Mont Dufour, in Elliot Lake, is not yet ready to welcome skiers. According to the ski center manager, Dave Brunet, snow production work has barely started.

We have about 60 hours of snowmaking done right now, and we need 250 hours to open our main slope, he says.

The warmer temperature and the small size of the mountain meant that the snow cannons could not operate every day.

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Snow cannons have become an essential part of the opening of ski centers in the North of Ontario. (File photo)

Mr. Brunet says his four-slope ski resort must spend more than $40,000 each year before it even begins operating to have artificial snow cover.

We can no longer operate without artificial snow, there are no longer large periods of snow at the start of the season like there were before .

A quote from Dave Brunet, manager of the Mont Dufour ski resort

Mont Dufour is scheduled to begin its ski season on December 19.

In Sudbury, the Adanac Ski Center management team is also on foot #x27;works to prepare for the ski season.

Kevin Joblin, coordinator of the recreational department for the City of Greater Sudbury, says that the mountain is in being prepared for skiers, whether with snow cannons or natural precipitation.

If the municipal ski center has not yet planned an opening date, Mr. Joblin says he is very enthusiastic as the start of the season approaches. season.

The Tri Town ski center, located in the Témiskaming Shores region, is one of those that does not have access to cannons at artificial snow to start their season.

According to the president of the center Mark Howey, it should open in January.

Mont Antoine, in Mattawa, should welcome its first skiers on December 27.

With information from Félix Hallée-Théoret

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