Skam France season 7 : the director David Hourrègue announced his departure, here’s her replacement

Skam France saison 7 : le réalisateur David Hourrègue annonce son départ, voici sa remplaçante

Skam France season 7 : the director David Hourrègue announces his departure !

Clap end for the season 6 of Skam France ! The series of slash does not stop in so good way since it has been renewed for a season 7 and 8, where the elders will not be all back, as Axel Auriant (Lucas) for example. The next two seasons will also have… a new director ! Yes, David Hourrègue announced his departure and explained the reasons.

Season 6 of Skam France has really marked a turning point in the history of the series. It was a little bit placing the torch between the old and the new generation, Lola (Flavie Delangle) and Maya (Ayumi Roux), Jo (Louise Malek), Max (Sohan Pague) and Sekou (Quentin Nanou), but does this mean that Daphne (Lula Cotton-Frapier), Emma (Philippine Stindel), Maxence Danet-Fauvel (Eliott), and the other of the gang and the crew will not be back in seasons 7 and 8 ? As explained by David Hourrègue, some will be present, but not all, like Axel Auriant, for example.

David Hourrègue leaves Skam France !

However, one thing is for sure : the director leaves his or her place for the next few seasons. No, no, this is not a joke, David Hourrègue leave Skam France ! It is in an interview granted to 20 minutes as he explained the reasons for his departure : “at a time when we were offered the suite, I had a strong urge to close the story of the generation with which I had started. Quickly, we realized that this would be more complicated for human rights issues to be able to do exactly what we had in mind. It was all the more motivated to write the end of a generation in the season 5 and a season 6.

The director continues : “it would have been a heart-breaking to see so many people leave and stay to accompany this new generation. As I gave everything I had in this program since three years ago, there was an emotion of course, the feeling of accomplishment, and a satisfaction of leaving it in very good hands.

Check out the name of his successor

Don’t panic, seasons 7 and 8 of Skam France are still valid, as the replacement for David Hourrègue has already been found, or rather, the replacement : this is Shirley Monsarrat. “I strongly recommended. There are two ways of starting a program : go and say ‘after me, the flood’, or, on the contrary, propose to a person whose I admire the work and that I like as a person. It’s going to bring something different and new, “explained the director.

Wait, that’s not all, the screenwriter Niels Rahou also starts with Skam as told David Hourrègue : “we had a discussion a year ago at the time of the signing of the seasons 5 and 6, and it is agreed on the fact of stop together, with this wave of comedians that we had brought and making the relay switch. There will be a very important change. My technical team with me on my future projects, as my cinematographer and my editor.” Everything changes so !

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