Six-year-old kidnapped after a cable car accident?

September 12, 2021 by archyde

Dhe custody dispute over six-year-old Eitan B., who was the only one who had survived the cable car accident on Whitsunday on Lake Maggiore with 14 dead, escalated over the weekend. As Italian and Israeli media reported unanimously on Sunday, Eitan has been in Israel since Saturday. The boy’s relatives in Italy speak of a “kidnapping” after the orphan was not brought back to his paternal aunt in Pavia by his maternal grandfather after an excursion as agreed.

Eitan had lost his father Amit B., his mother Tal P., his two-year-old brother Tom B. and his maternal great-grandparents Barbara and Yitzhak C. when the cable car gondola crashed on May 23rd. Since he was released from hospital on June 10, Eitan had lived with his father’s sister in northern Italy. Eitan’s aunt Aya and her husband Ore have children of their own who are about Eitan’s age. A family judge in Pavia had initially granted custody of Eitan to his paternal aunt, but this was not accepted by Eitan’s maternal grandparents Shmulik and Esther P.

The public prosecutor of Pavia is now investigating the kidnapping. Eitan’s grandfather Shmulik P. was still in possession of his grandson’s passport, although the court in Pavia had ordered him to hand it in, so he was able to fly to Israel with the boy. Eitan’s relatives living in Israel announced at a press conference in Tel Aviv a month ago that they had initiated legal proceedings to obtain custody of the boy.

“Eitan is being held hostage in Italy. He was kidnapped by a family that was in no way close to him before the accident, ”said the family’s lawyer in Tel Aviv at the time. “We didn’t kidnap Eitan, we brought it back home,” said Gali P., the sister of the boy’s mother who was killed in the accident, to the Israeli radio station 103FM on Sunday.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry is examining the case, according to media reports on Sunday. There was initially no official information on the matter from the authorities in Italy. According to Italian media reports, Eitan should have started school in a Catholic school in Pavia on Monday.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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