Sister wrote a 434-meter letter for her brother with words of apology

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Sister wrote a 434-meter apology letter to brother

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A resident of India wrote a 434-meter letter addressed to her brother, writes The Indian Express. In it, she apologized that she forgot to congratulate him on the holiday.

According to media reports, the weight of the letter was 5 kg. The student said that she forgot to congratulate her brother on the holiday, which he was very offended by. He stopped answering calls and texts.

"I forgot to congratulate him on Brother's Day. By  in the evening, he stopped answering my calls, blocked me on social networks, so I decided to write him a letter", — the girl explained.

She started writing on plain paper, but realized that one sheet was not enough to express all her feelings. An Indian woman went to the market, bought 14 rolls of paper and continued what she started. After 12 hours, the student put an end to the last sentence.

"It took about 12 hours to write a letter 434 meter long and weighing 5 kg", — she added.

The brother said that he was happy to receive such a letter, so he no longer resents his sister. True, he did not specify how much time it it took him to read the message from beginning to end.

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