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Singer CHEEV defied the laws of gravity in the new music video “Tarot”.

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

Singer CHEEV defied the laws of gravity in the new music video


The Ukrainian artist presented an atmospheric music video for the new song “Taro”. However, tarologists may not like it.

The filming of the new video took place in a picturesque location, and the artist himself floats under the clouds in the frame. Watch the incredible video on YouTube.

Interesting: Ostrovskyi sang in the new track “Angry” about destructive love and sincerity. wings”. According to the singer, the new song is not about the tarot, and not about horoscopes, but about whether fate decides everything for a person, or whether everyone is given the right to choose.

CHEEV is convinced that a person is responsible for his own path. After all, it is not important for fate “in what phase the echo should be”, because “no matter how hostile, feelings will tell everything”.

The topic of tarot and horoscopes, which has gained popularity recently, is a symbol of a way to find out one's future, as if it cannot be influenced in any way. But the song answers that it is better to trust our feelings, because we ourselves know ourselves much better and can say more than the stars, – comments the artist on the new work.

On the network, fans highly appreciated the new track and call CHEEV Ukrainian Ed Sheeran, and some even predict the singer's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest next year.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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