Silvilú, as he appears on networks, left the '10' “uncovered” with his party history.

Silvilú, as he appears on networks, left the '10' “uncovered” with his party history.

James Rodríguez was once again in the public eye. And although his followers would like it to be because of his goals or great plays, the '10' from Cucuta is the target of comments due to an extra-sports story that has been highly commented on social networks.

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“The time I refused to go with James in a nightclub in Medellín Rodríguez”, is the title of a series of videos in which a woman tells a unique story with the midfielder of the Colombian National Team, which would have happened last June.

The young woman, who showed videos of the night and even an apparent audio of the soccer player, has become a trend in social networks.

Who is she and what does she do?

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The story of 'rejection'

Silvilú, as he presents himself on networks, left the '10' 'uncovered' with his party story.

According to what she said on social networks, Silvia Lucía, 'Silvilú', shared with James in a nightclub in Medellín.

According to what he says, the soccer player was in the VIP area of ​​the nightclub and would have sent one of his escorts, named Carlos, to tell him: “James liked you, if you can give him your number”.

Then, the escort would have said: “James asks me if you want to go to the house right now, in Llano Grande”.

It was around 1 in the morning and she, she says, had a trip planned with her friends to Cartagena.

For this reason, the escort would have told him to “miss the flight”, that James “pays for the ticket”.

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Silvilú, as he presents himself on networks, left the '10' 'uncovered' with his party story.

Later, Rodríguez would have entered the scene to reaffirm the proposal.

In addition, he would have sent them a voice note to her friends, as evidenced by the woman with an audio in which the soccer player is heard.

“Hello, how are you (…) I'm going to stay with her”< /b>, James would say.

According to the woman, later she went up to the part of the place where Rodríguez was, but she did not feel completely well.

“If you miss the flight, what do you want to go do?”< /b>, recounts what James would have told her.

“I don't want to make you miss your flight and get bored,” she would have added.

Finally, because of the trip with her friends, the woman He rejected the invitation.

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Silvia Lucía is a Colombian woman with more than 26,000 followers on TikTok and 19,000 on Instagram.

'Silvilú', as it is presented in networks, would be between 20 and 30 years old.

She is a designer and has participation in two women's clothing brands, which she links to her networks.

She has created videos on TikTok since 2020. She has been active on Instagram since 2016.

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