Silo: a trailer for the great post-apocalyptic series

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Apple TV+ unveiled the first trailer for Silo, a new sci-fi series starring Rebecca Ferguson and Tim Robbins.

Between epic sci-fi from Foundation, the post-apocalyptic from See or even the paranoid brain-turning thriller Severance, Apple TV+ has distinguished itself by producing SF series as diverse as they are polished. And the channel plans to redouble its efforts in the genre with no less than three new SF series planned for 2023.

AfterHello Tomorrow!< /strong>, whose first reviews are mixed, the platform will launch Extrapolations, an anthology series on the ecological disaster. But it looks like the best is yet to come with Silo. It's been a while since we heard about the series which was first in the hands of Ridley Scott and then AMC before ending up at the apple. But we finally know more thanks to an intriguing first trailer unveiled by Apple.

The story will take place in a post-apocalyptic future, around San Francisco where the population lives in silos buried underground. This new society is organized around a huge staircase on 144 floors, the richest are closest to the surface while the workers who take care of running the machines find themselves at the bottom.

The first images are enticing, and Apple TV+ once again seems to have given itself the means to achieve its ambitions. We therefore see the famous staircase around which the life of the survivors is organized according to floors and hierarchies. Like a vertical Transperceneige, we should be able to observe the different strata of this post-apocalyptic society, between workers, researchers, farmers and representatives of authority. The mood will be low in what promises to be a quest for truth and freedom in the purest tradition of Plato's allegory of the cave, of which the series will be a new interpretation of it (as many SF works have ventured to do before it).

The series should therefore brew many of the most cherished themes of the genre with its powerful concept conducive to the exploration of human organizations. In addition to the Greek philosopher and Snowpiercer, the trailer also hints at Zion's plans in the Matrix trilogy, which among all his influences also drew a lot of inspiration from Plato's cave. The characters will try to make their way through dense crowds and hierarchical ceilings to reach the surface and perhaps the truth, even if it means shaking an entire system resting on a fragile balance.

Suffice to say that the series promises to be heavy, especially since it is the adaptation of the Silo novel trilogy written by Hugh Howey and which was a huge hit when it was published between 2011 and 2013. Itis showrun by Graham Yost (Justified, Slow Horses), directed in part by Morten Tyldum (Imitation Game, Defending Jacob< /strong>) and above all worn by a royal cast with Rebecca Ferguson, Tim Robbins, David Oyelowo and Rashida Jones. There's not much time left to wait to uncover the truth that lurks on the surface as streaming begins May 5, 2023 on Apple TV+.