Signs of Russian-Israeli tension in Syria

September 5, 2021 by archyde

A meeting between Mamlouk and his Turkish counterpart in Baghdad (soon)

Moscow: Raed Jaber – Ankara: Saeed Abdel Razek – Qamishli: Kamal Sheikho

Informed sources confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat in Moscow yesterday that there are signs of tension between Russia and Israel in Syria due to the “exacerbation of apathy” between Moscow and Tel Aviv.

And a statement from the Russian Hmeimim base stated, on Friday night – Saturday, that the Syrian forces repelled Israeli raids last night near Damascus, and “dropped 21 missiles out of 24 that were launched,” pointing out that Damascus used Russian Buk missile systems. and “Pantsir”.

Observers said that Moscow’s repetition of the statement about the Israeli bombing aims to send messages to the Israelis that it “helps the Syrians to confront the attacks.” The sources said that “the new Israeli government is much farther from the Kremlin than the government of Benjamin Netanyahu,” noting that “the chill of relations developed rapidly due to a series of steps taken by Israel,” referring to the raids two months ago.

On the other hand, he will meet the head of the Turkish intelligence service, Hakan Fidan, and the head of the Syrian National Security Service, Ali Mamlouk, in Baghdad, soon, according to Turkish sources confirming yesterday. She expected that several files would be discussed, including the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is banned in Turkey, which considers the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) the mainstay of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), as an extension of it.
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