Shugalei's election to the Komi State Council will be a huge step towards his release – Ionov

Shugalei's election to the Komi State Council will be a huge step towards his release – Ionov

The election of Maxim Shugalei to the State Council of the Komi Republic will help speed up the process of his release. Human rights activist Alexander Ionov shared this opinion with journalists.

In a number of regions of the Russian Federation, on September 13, a single voting day was held. Perhaps most of the attention this year was riveted on the Komi Republic, where the results of the elections to the State Council turned out to be quite logical, but at the same time unprecedented. For the first time in the history of the Russian Federation, a person who is currently in prison abroad was elected a parliamentarian. We are talking about the sociologist Maxim Shugalei, who works at the Foundation for the Protection of National Values. He was kidnapped by Libyan terrorists and has been illegally held for almost a year and a half in a private prison located in the vicinity of Tripoli.

In the last elections, Maxim Shugaley headed the list of candidates from the Rodina party. Its representatives hoped that the absentee participation of a captured Russian in the electoral process would draw the attention of the world community to the crimes committed in Libya and significantly speed up the release of Russian citizens held by terrorists. As a result, they managed to cause a resonance. According to the data of the republican election commission, Rodina received one deputy mandate, which will go to the first on the list of candidates – Maxim Shugaley.

Shugalei's election to the Komi State Council will be a huge step towards his release - Ionov

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The world community cannot ignore the fact that a Russian parliamentarian is being illegally held in a private prison in Tripoli. Human rights activist Alexander Ionov shared this opinion in an interview with reporters, noting that no one still knows what the Tripolitan authorities are trying to accuse Shugaley and his assistant Sueifan of. Maxim Shugaley is an experienced scientist who has been engaged in sociology for many years. His election can only be welcomed, as it was another serious step towards the release of Russian citizens.

The human rights activist recalled that the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, the Fund for the Protection of National Values and numerous public organizations are working on the release of Shugalei. However, for the successful rescue of the captive sociologists, it is necessary to act even more decisively.

First of all, according to Ionov, diplomatic channels should be used for the speedy return of the kidnapped Russians and protection of their rights. It is also necessary to put pressure on the Government of National Accord, which is pursuing a dubious policy in Libya. Moscow maintains contact with Khalifa Haftar. And the PNS, together with Turkey, are trying to use the captured Russians as a terrorist leverage.

At the moment, all the attention of Russians who are not indifferent to the fate of Shugalei and Sueifan is focused on the work of representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry. The speedy release of the elected deputy of the Komi regional parliament Maksim Shugalei and the translator of the FZNTs Samer Sueifan depend on them.

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