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Shrek 5, Super Mario Bros. 2… Here are the 8 most anticipated animated films in 2026

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul10,2024

Animated film fans will be delighted:in 2026, no less than 8 major releases await them! Find out which ones below, along with their release dates (if they are already known).

Shrek 5, Super Mario Bros. 2... Here are the 8 most anticipated animated films in 2026

Shrek 5 , Toy Story 5,  Frozen 3… à your diaries!

À start with Shrek 5, for which Eddie Murphy is in the middle of filming, and which has just been officially assigned a place in the cinema calendar. On July 1, 2026, Green Ogre aficionados, Princess Fiona and the Donkey will meet their heroes again at the same time. Fort Fort Distant for new adventures, sixteen years after the last chapter of the franchise. As for Disney fans, they won't be harmed either, since this is the third (and final?) part ofFrozen that they will finally be able to discover in the dark rooms. We don't yet know what adventures await Anna and Elsa in this sequel, and we will have to have a little patience before learning more, particularly regarding the release date.

< p>Shrek 5, Super Mario Bros. 2... Here are the 8 most anticipated animated films in 2026

On January 30, Aang: The Last Airbender,will show us for the first time The character returns as an adult, as he attempts to refine the world peace he established at the beginning of his career. the end of the animated series. On March 4, Warner Bros. will present his adaptation of Chat haté, the children's book by Dr. Seuss, 23 years after Bo Welch's live action. According to the official synopsis, the Cat will be  “entrusted with his most difficult mission so far, helping two brothers and sisters who are having difficulty settling into a a new city”. Then, on April 1, the sequel to Super Mario Bros.,one of the biggest successes of 2023,  will be released in our cinemas.On July 29, it is the vigilante puppies ofPaw Patrolthat the little ones (and their loving parents) will have the pleasure of meeting on the big screen. Finally, the sequel to Ninja TurtlesTeenage Years will arrive on October 14 in our cinemas, the conclusion of a It’s going to be a busy year!

And you, which animated film are you looking forward to the most?

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