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Gunshot from’ an SPVM agent at the Montréal-Trudeau airport

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The gesture would have been committed in a hangar at Montreal's Pierre-Elliott Trudeau airport.

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The Montreal City Police Service (SPVM) is investigating a mysterious gunshot fired by one of its officers at the Montreal-Trudeau international airport, Radio-Canada has learned.

According to our information, the shot coming from the shoulder gun of a Montreal police officer occurred on January 28.

It could have been an accident. The agent's finger accidentally ended up on the trigger while passing through a door between two sections of the airport, according to our information.

The incident occurred in an isolated area of ​​the terminal, which is not frequented by passengers and where the police officer was alone. There were no injuries, the SPVM Communications Division explained in writing.

In fact, the act was allegedly committed in an airport hangar, according to our information.

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The circumstances of this shooting remain unclear.

The SPVM treats it with the utmost seriousness this situation. Public safety is paramount and an investigation is currently underway to determine the circumstances of the event. We are also in contact with our airport partners to keep them informed of our efforts and to answer their questions.

A quote from the SPVM Communications Division

For the moment, there would be no disciplinary measures or criminal charges in this matter.< /p>

The SPVM would like to reassure users as well as people who work at Montreal-Trudeau Airport. All necessary measures will be put in place to prevent such a situation from happening again, the police force concluded in writing.

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