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Shōgun: excellent news for fans of the Disney+ series

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun15,2024

It was last February that Disney+ subscribers discovered one of the best series of the year: Shōgun. This adaptation of the novel by James Clavell had been imagined as a mini-series with a single season but faced with the success of the show, the FX channel decided to do so. of its extension. Thus, season 2 is made official but that is not the only good news.

Shōgun: excellent news for fans of the Disney+ series

< h2>Shōgun, the success on Disney+

The success was there for Disney+ with the FX channel series entitled Shōgun. Compared à Game of Thrones, the program was as wellacclaimed by critics for its authenticity; cultural than by the public which attributed to it the score of 99% on the site Rotten Tomatoes.

In this mini-series adaptation of the novel by James Clavell published in in 1975 (and which had already had a series adaptation in the 1980s with Richard Chamberlain), the public is transported in Japan at the beginning of the 17th century. At this time, samurai, priests and missionaries coexisted. A sailor, John Blackthorne (Cosmo Jarvis) will go from being a stranger to being a foreigner. that of samuraiï and his destiny will be linked with that of Lord Yoshii Toranaga(Hiroyuki Sanada) whose sole aim is to lead Japan towards a period of peace.

Shōgun: excellent news for fans of the Disney+ series

In the first season, all the events set on stage correspond to Clavell's novel. While last May the production announced that a season 2 would see the light of day, many wondered how the showrunners, Justin Marks and Rachel Kondo, were going to go about proposing a sequel without a literary basis. The creators of Shōgun have just provided some details on this direct extension of the first season:

There is a lot of chaos, but creative chaos, and we are currently working on ideas before seeing what we will keep. It's up to you It's both exciting and very stressful, because we are clearly now moving into uncharted territory. We don't have a battle plan yet but we already have a plan. a story in mind.

Shōgun: excellent news for fans of the Disney+ series

After season 2, this will not be the end of Shōgun

Although this season 2 still remains unclear regarding the plot, one of the main actors, Hiroyuki Sanada is wants reassurance. He declared that “maintaining quality is the most important thing” for him. Moreover, the showrunners went to Japan and visited potential filming locations to e ;be as close as possible to the mind of the author of the novel.

Finally, as good news never comes alone, fans will be delighted to learn that Shōgun will have the right to a season 3as confirmed; Justin Marks:

Season 3 will be a real ending. We know where the story begins, how it ends. Season 2 will be (…) a darker chapter.

In the meantime, season 1 of Shōgun is up for grabs. watch or rewatch on Disney+.

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