Shmyhal said he would give Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership

Shmyhal said he would give Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership

Shmyhal said that he would give Ukraine the status of an EU candidate

Photo: Denis Shmyhal/from open sources 

According to him, the final decision on the status of Ukraine is expected to attend the summit of EU leaders, which will be held on June 23-24.

What exactly will this status give:

  • legal consolidation of the European future of Ukraine. This means that the process has been launched, and the country already meets a significant number of criteria;
  • completion of a comprehensive transformation in all areas. In this, Ukraine will be constantly supported by the European Commission, providing the necessary consulting and other assistance;
  • full participation in EU programs and initiatives open to both participating and candidate countries. Ukraine will get more opportunities to be heard in the formation of EU policies;
  • attractiveness for investors. The business climate will approach European conditions, investors will operate in a predictable market, and businesses will be protected;
  • access to financial assistance for countries that are preparing to join the EU (grants, investments or technical assistance);
  • by accumulating funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine through a special Solidarity Trust Fund, the EU will treat its investments not as a post-war reconstruction of a third country, but as an investment in the welfare of a potential future EU member;
  • moving towards The EU will allow Ukraine to modernize, which is interested in making all the changes as quickly as possible.

BAGNET recalls that last week the European Commission recommended that the EU member states grant candidate status to Ukraine .

Prepared by: Sergey Daga