Shekhraystvo at gas stations: new tricks of bad gas stations

Shekhraystvo at gas stations: new tricks of bad gas stations

There are many ways to fool honest motorists. Similar “deceptions” are engaged not only in professional nonsense, but at first glance, absolutely orderly hulks, for example, gas station operators, service centers and, obviously, gas station operators.

Gas station cheating: new tricks of bad gas stations

Anyway , for example, a gas station, a new way to deceive the waters, a vicorist loophole, to cash in on the giants from the “industrial scale.”

Recently, experts have revealed a new type of shahraystvo at gas stations in the region. The evil shakhrai came up with an extraordinary way to “earn pennies”. The stinks took a fire hose and blasted it into a new little hole. Rarely, an additional valve is installed, I open it at the top of the hose. Open and open the valve to loosen the same – draw it in again and again in the fire at the hour of refueling.

It’s better to make it so that when refueling the car, a small kalyushka is settled in the hose again, as it doesn’t let the fire go into the tank. As a result, nothing suspects the car driver fills in tens-hundreds of grams to replace gasoline. Such a book can be boring for an honest hulk. However, the axis sho means deception! The cost of refinancing for “economy” with a large number of clients.

not sold in such a rank, turn into a tank. Often, gas station kerіvniki koristuyutsya tsim kind of shakhraystva for “economical” (kradіzhki) goods, zberіgayuchi at the cost of income. In some cases, the pain, which is saved in such an illegal way, is then won for special purposes by the gas station practitioners themselves. How are you fighting with this manifestation? Really, the cross water may not mean anything. It is best to refuel at the most reputable gas station.