She was riding her motorcycle, she was hit by a truck, she asked for help lying on the street, but the one who approached stole her and escaped

September 24, 2021 by archyde

An unusual situation took place in the last hours in the city of Puerto Madryn, province of Chubut, and was recorded on video. A 22-year-old girl who was riding a motorcycle collided with another vehicle and flew through the air. At that same moment a neighbor was walking by, to whom the girl asked for help; but he, after observing the situation, Instead of assisting her, he stole from her.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Rivadavia and Constituents Provincial streets. The victim was thrown on the asphalt as well and his wallet and his cell phone they were fired by the violence of the impact.

Only when she was admitted, injured, to the nearest hospital, where she is still hospitalized, the woman noticed that his belongings were missing that he was wearing.

The security cameras of a house near the scene of the crash made it possible to elucidate what happened. And after reviewing the images and thanks to the testimony of the witnesses, the police were able to find the offender.

“I was inside my home when I heard a loud noise. I looked and saw a Kangoo and a thrown motorcycle. I walked over and saw my neighbors calling the ambulance. I went and called the police, ”said a neighbor in his 60s, as the Jornada newspaper.

And he added: “When I return, I see a young man between 26 and 28 years old, of medium build, white complexion, medium red hair, a long nose, who was moving the motorcycle. He was not more than two minutes at the scene of the accident. I saw a cell phone and a wallet lying on the street when I went to see how the girl was doing. Upon returning to where the items were, the cell phone was no longer there. And neither does the boy.

Hours after the incident, the suspect finished incriminating himself by inserting a chip into the injured girl’s phone and starting to use it.

The report of the mobile phone company managed to put the name and surname of the thief, at whose address investigators recovered belongings that had been stolen from the victim.

The neighbor was identified as Braian Rodríguez and the prosecutor in charge of the case, Jorge Burgueño, has already anticipated that he will be charged with dire theft, provided for in the Penal Code for those who take other people’s things without the will of their owner taking advantage of the occasion of a fire, accident or other misfortune. This crime provides for a penalty of 1 to 6 years in prison.



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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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