She is Kathy Kopp, Shakira's best friend who has supported her

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In addition to the support her parents have given her, one of her best childhood friends has supported her and they will meet again soon in Miami

She is Kathy Kopp, Shakira's best friend who has supported her

Shakira with her best friend, Kathy Kopp, who has been present at this stage of her separation. Taken from Instagram @kathykopp

Five months have passed since the breakup between Shakiraand Gerard Piqué, which is why the ex-partner has been in the eye of tabloid portals with each of their movements in public due to the recent decision they made on the custody of their children. However, there are still pending points to be resolved in the separation process.

Added to this situation, the Colombian company is facing a legal process with the Spanish Treasury for the alleged embezzlement in the payment of taxes. The Colombian must now answer for six different crimes, all related to alleged IRPF evasion and wealth tax between 2012 and 2014.

And although he has the support of his family, one of her childhood best friends known as Kathy Kopp, who has been with her through the most difficult times. But, who is the woman who gives Shakira emotional support?

Kathy Kopp is a fashion consultant and for years has worked hand in hand with the interpreter of Eyes like this and Rabiosa. She is in charge of advising Shakira with the different looks that she has shown off at awards shows and music videos. Additionally, his talents have been available to artists such as Fonseca, Zion and Lennox, among others.

This is Kathy Kopp, Shakira's best friend Shakira who has supported him

Kathy Kopp expresses her admiration for Shakira, who is her best friend since childhood. Taken from Instagram @kathykopp

The friendship between the two women arose when they were barely girls and went to school together, over the years they have strengthened this bond since they played together in the streets of their native Barranquilla. This is what the fashion consultant confessed in 2017, when she was invited by Shakira to be part of the music video for La Bicicleta.

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At that year, Kopp lived in Barranquilla and as soon as 'Shaki ' She learned that the clip would be shot there with Carlos Vives, she contacted her best friend to advise her with her wardrobe; Although this was initially the goal, the singer made the decision that she should also appear in the video.

She is Kathy Kopp, Shakira's best friend who has supported her

Shakira with Kathy Kopp's daughter, her best friend and the girl who tells her &quot ;aunt" to the Colombian Taken from Instagram @kathykopp

The union that the Barranquillas have is such that Kathy's daughter refers to Shakira as “aunt”, as the fashion consultant has revealed in different publications on her official Instagram account. Currently, Kopp resides in Miami to further her career in the fashion industry and settle down with her husband Fernando Cabral.

Reference has also been made to the fact that when Shakira shared After the decision to put an end to her relationship with Gerard Piqué, the fashion consultant immediately traveled to Barcelona to accompany the singer in one of the darkest stages of her life, as she confessed to Elle magazine. Spain.

“This is the first time I have talked about this situation in an interview. I stayed silent and just tried to process it all. Hmm, and yeah, it's hard to talk about, especially since I'm still going through it and because I'm in the public eye. And because our separation is not like a normal separation. So it's been difficult not only for me, but also for my children. Incredibly difficult ”, she said in an interview she gave to Elle magazine.