She is Annette Taddeo: Colombian politician who seeks to win a seat in the United States House of Representatives

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It should be taken into account, according to international media, that it is an election that could give rise to modifying the voting intention to choose a new president by 2024

This is Annette Taddeo: Colombian politician who seeks to win a seat in the United States House of Representatives

Anette Taddeo

Next November 8 will be a transcendental date for the political environment of the United States. For that day, the election of those who will make up the House of Representatives of that North American country was scheduled. What is at stake this Tuesday will be the renewal of Congress and 36 governorships. A Colombian named Anette Taddeo is in the middle of the race to win one of the 35 seats that remain, a third of the 100 senators in total. Who are you and what do you hope to achieve?

In an interview with RCN News, Taddeo, 55 years old, born in Barrancabermeja and raised in Bucaramanga, highlighted that he knows , first-hand, what it means to be born and grow up in the midst of the violence that has marked the history of Colombia for decades.She came to the United States as a 17-year-old teenager, after the former FARC guerrilla kidnapped her father to take over the farm where they lived.

“I know what it means to work hard to get ahead, I know what it means to learn English and that American dream we talk about so much. It is important to have a voice that understands those points of view, that understands our experience as Colombians coming to the United States and emerging.Right now, Colombia is going through very difficult times economically, politically and for that reason we need even more to have a voice that is at the most important table in the world”, he commented in his talk with that media outlet.

It is important to bear in mind, according to international media, that it is an election that could give rise to what would be the election of a new president for that country, for the year 2024. The Party Democrat, on the one hand, has control of the lower house with 220 legislators.On the other hand, there are 212 who represent the Republican Party. If Taddeo gets enough support, she would be the first Colombian to reach the US Congress.

“Obviously it would be a great honor to represent my community, but one of the The important things that we have to do is that whenever we are elected, represent with honor and I don't like lies,I don't like falsehood, they may not agree with everything, but one honestly represents the people and is always fighting for them to get ahead and have an opportunity”, he highlighted in the conversation he had with the press from the RCN news channel.

“That's what I've done for 5 years and that's why so many Republicans are supporting me, people who campaigned for Maria Elvira,my opponent in the last elections, now they are doing propaganda; Cuban-Americans on record saying they were supporting me. This is historic not only because of Colombian support, but from other places”, she added. It is noteworthy that during the most recent five years, Taddeo has chaired the Democratic Party in Miami-Dade County.

It is worth bearing in mind that Taddeo is fighting for District 27. As as she explained to the microphones of W Radio, “the 27th District has historically been a district that has changed from Republican to Democrat and vice versa, the 27th District is exactly divided into 1/3 Democratic, 1/3 Republican and 1/3 not party. Many of the independents are the ones who end up defining this race and with the votes so excessive from the extreme right it is the reason why it is not going so well.”.

“We do feel that we are going to win and if the people go out to vote we are going to make history and have the first Colombian in the history of the United States in Washington, representing our entire community,” he detailed in the station.