She-Hulk: this is why the special effects are less successful than for Thanos

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Before it even aired on Disney+, She-Hulkhad to face criticism regarding its special effects. The series depicts the transformation of Bruce Banner's cousin, Jennifer Walter (Tatiana Maslany), into a green giant, and how it affects life. both his professional career and his private life. However, the design of the lawyer vigilante quickly made fans cringe, who deemed it to be a badass. failed, especially in comparison to Josh Brolin's Thanos… A comparison that obviously has no place!

She-Hulk: This is why the special effects are less successful than for Thanos

She-Hulk and thanos, two incomparable examples?

In the series that bears his name, She-Hulk oscillates constantly between his human form and his “monstrous” form, which required a lot of work in terms of special effects. However, his superhuman form has been greatly affected. criticized by MCU fans,considered insufficient with regard to the quality to which they are used to. One reason is that VFX artists, overwhelmed with commands at a glance because of the hectic pace that Marvel Studios imposes on them, do not have time to dwell on each shot as much as they should. on the designs of She-Hulk and Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, offers another reason. During an interview with our colleagues from Befores and Afters, he explained; that the decrease in quality of special effects between the two characters is due to to their facial expressions.

She-Hulk: this is why the special effects are less successful than for Thanos

It's also important to remember that Thanos is a bald, angry being, and that Tatiana is a bubbly young actress with enormous range of emotions, and she portrays them very vividly on her face. It turns out that the difficulty was much higher than what we had created; for Thanos, because the latter did not need to show much emotion. He was simply superb when he stared stoically at the camera or when he was angry ;D. But now, with She-Hulk, we've had to show a full range of emotions and facial expressions, including joy, drunkenness, and laughter, while speaking, and the system still has to maintain and capture that.

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A valid reason, but one our eyes, could have been more than compensated for by a longer and deeper investment by Marvel Studios in with respect to the series. Rather than producing a dozen audiovisual programs a year, the firm should return to; a pace more consistent with what its employees are able to provide… What do you think?