“She didn't even know”: Pavel Zibrov said that his wife had had a coronavirus

“She didn't even know”: Pavel Zibrov said that his wife had had a coronavirus

The singer himself did not touch the disease

Inna Petrova

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The 63-year-old singer Pavel Zibrov admitted that his wife Marina, with whom they recently celebrated 26 years together, had had a coronavirus. It is curious that Marina Zibrova herself did not know about this until she passed a test that showed that she had antibodies to COVID-19.

The fact that the coronavirus has affected his family, Pavel Zibrov said in an interview with Katya Osadchey, published on YouTube. According to the artist, his wife's illness was asymptomatic.

“I have Marina Vladimirovna a long time ago, they say, had been ill. She did not even know that it was a coronavirus. And then they found out that her antibodies were growing. The second time, after a month and a half, we passed, and she still grows antibodies, “Zibrov shared.

Pavel and Marina Zibrova

Marina Zibrova, her star husband admits, does not hide her joy that now she is out of the risk zone. At the same time, the Zibrovs refused to vacation in Ukraine and abroad this year. The singer believes that it is better to play it safe in order not to get infected with COVID-19.

“God takes care of those who are careful, so we are not going anywhere. We are a little afraid of Egypt and Turkey, because some of our friends came and brought them with them,” he added.

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